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  • indy-plenum - Byzantine Fault Tolerant Protocol [wiki]

    “Byzantine fault tolerance is a sub-field of fault tolerance research inspired by the Byzantine Generals’ Problem, which is a generalized version of the Two Generals’ Problem.”

    • Storage components - As of now, RocksDB is used as a key-value database for all Storages.
  • indy-sdk - Everything needed to build applications that interact with an Indy distributed identity ledger.
  • indy-node - The server portion of a distributed ledger purpose-built for decentralized identity.
  • indy-anoncreds - Anonymous credentials protocol implementation in python
  • indy-agent - reference agents and associated tools.
  • indy-test-automation - Automation tools for testing of Indy Project components.
  • indy-post-install-automation
  • indy-hipe - Hyperledger Indy Project Enhancements
  • indy-crypto - shared crypto library for Hyperledger Indy components. To be:
  • ursa [ϟ][ϟ] “includes the Hyperledger Indy-Crypto code base that is the building block for anonymous credentials, the verifiable credentials protocol, in indy-sdk used by the Sovrin Network. […] We are hopeful the shared library will help other platforms better incorporate and use ZKP-based credentials and leverage Sovrin for their identity component.” (From Nathan George on Sovrin Telegram) [wiki]

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