Ethereum Decentralized-Identity Github Repositories

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A listing of any Github Repositories for Ethereum Based Decentralized Identity specifications and applications.


  • ethereum/EIPs/issues/1056 - ERC: Lightweight Identity
    • This ERC describes a standard for creating and updating identities with a limited use of blockchain resources. An identity can have an unlimited number of delegates and attributes associated with it. Identity creation is as simple as creating a regular key pair ethereum account, which means that it’s fee (no gas costs) and all ethereum accounts are valid identities. Furthermore this ERC is fully DID compliant.
  • ethereum/EIPs/issues/780 - EIP-780 Ethereum Claims Registry
  • ethereum/EIPs / - EIP712
    • This is a standard for hashing and signing of typed structured data
  • ethereum/EIPs/issues/1495 - ERC-1484 Digital Identity Aggregator
    • A protocol for aggregating digital identity information that’s broadly interoperable with existing, proposed, and hypothetical future digital identity standards.
  • ethereum/EIPs / - EIP-1078
    • This presents a method to replace the usual signup/login design pattern with a minimal ethereum native scheme, that doesn’t require passwords, backing up private keys nor typing seed phrases.


  • /jolocom/docs</a> - Documentation
  • /jolocom/smartwallet-app</a> - A decentralized self sovereign identity solution developed by Jolocom.
  • /jolocom/jolocom-lib</a> - Library for interacting with the identity solution provided by Jolocom.
  • /jolocom/jolocom-did-driver</a> - Universal Resolver DID Driver for the did:jolo identity space
  • /jolocom/generic-backend</a> - A generic backend implementation that makes use of the Jolocom Library for authentication, and for issuing credentials.
  • /jolocom/demo-sso</a> - A simple example web application integrating the Jolocom library for authentication.
  • /jolocom/demo-sso-mobile</a> - An example mobile application in React Native that showcases the interaction flows between the Smartwallet and another mobile app.
  • /jolocom/cred-types-jolocom-demo</a> - Collection of metadata definitions for the demo Jolocom credential types.
  • /jolocom/react-native-build-config</a> - Expose native build config to JS (android only for now)
  • /jolocom/credTypes-jolocom-core</a> - Collection of metadata definitions for the core Jolocom credential types.
  • /jolocom/fueling-service</a> - Simple express service that can wire ether to requester.
  • /jolocom/registry-contract</a> - A basic smart contract on top of the Ethereum network that registers mappings between DID and IPFS DDO hashes.
  • /jolocom/smartwallet-webid-proxy</a> - WebID proxy service


  • /uport-project/developers</a> - Developer portal for documentation and application management
  • /uport-project/specs</a> - uPort Protocol Specs
  • /uport-project/uport-connect</a> - Main uPort library for front end developers
  • /uport-project/eth-typed-data</a> - A javascript library for working with typed structured data as defined by EIP712
  • /uport-project/uport-transports</a> - Set up communication channels between your app and a uPort client to handle requests and responses.
  • /uport-project/webcard</a> - Transaction Sharing
  • /uport-project/demo</a> - uPort Demo dApp
  • /uport-project/uport-lite</a> - Lightweight uport registry lookup
  • /uport-project/eslint-config-uport</a> - Shareable eslint config for uport libraries
  • /uport-project/uPort-live</a> - Forked from Siunami/uPort-live
  • /uport-project/uport-wordpress-plugin</a> - A Passwordless Login for uPort and Wordpress
  • /uport-project/community-projects</a> - A list of community hackathon projects and other experiments.
  • /uport-project/udoor</a> - uPort Door Management
  • /uport-project/uport-bounties</a>- A Library of uPort Bounties
  • /dconroy/CityKey</a> - Adding uPort support to Chicago CityKey, adding all the benefits of Self Sovereign Identity to municipal services.

uPort DID

  • /uport-project/ethr-did-resolver</a> - DID resolver for Ethereum Addresses with support for key management
  • /uport-project/secp256k1-did-resolver</a> - Resolve DID documents for secp256k1 public keys
  • /uport-project/uport-did-driver</a> - Driver for the uPort DID method
  • /uport-project/eth-did-resolver</a> - DID resolver for Ethereum Addresses
  • /uport-project/ethr-did</a> - Create ethr DIDs
  • /uport-project/ethr-did-registry</a> - Backing for an experimental DID method
  • /uport-project/did-resolver</a> - Generic did-resolver
  • /uport-project/https-did-resolver</a> - DID resolver for HTTPS domains
  • /uport-project/nacl-did</a> - Light weight DID method, complete with Identity Creation tools, encryption and JWT signing
  • /uport-project/did-jwt</a> - Create and verify uPort and DID compliant JWT’s in Javascript
  • /uport-project/uport-did-resolver</a> - DID resolver for uPort identities

uPort Identification

  • /uport-project/openid</a> - uPort openid
  • /uport-project/kmnid</a> - A kotlin implementation of MNID
  • /uport-project/uport-registry</a> - Core uPort registry contract for linking attributes to uPort identities.
  • /uport-project/uport-chrome-extension</a> - An experiment to test decentralized identity in a Browser Extension environment.
  • /uport-project/infrastructure</a> - Support services for Self-Sovereign Identity
  • /uport-project/mnid</a> - Multi Network Identifier - spec and reference implementation

uPort Mobile

  • /uport-project/uport-android-sdk</a> - Collections of tools and helper libraries for android to issue and use identities on the uPort platform
  • /uport-project/uport-android-signer</a> - android ETH signer library to be used by uport app and sdk
  • /uport-project/uport-android</a> - uPort app for android - under construction
  • /uport-project/uport-ios-demo</a> - Demo iPhone app using uPort SDK
  • /uport-project/uport-mobile-issues</a> - This repository is a place for developers to report and track status of issues reported while using the uPort mobile app
  • /uport-project/uport-mobile</a> - uPort mobile app
  • /uport-project/uport-ios-sdk</a> - uPort iOS SDK in Swift
  • /uport-project/uport-ios-core-eth</a> - iOS Ethereum Toolkit for uPort SDK
  • /uport-project/uport-ios-openssl</a> - iOS OpenSSL Framework for uPort SDK
  • /uport-project/UPTEthereumSigner</a> - Ethereum signer library for iOS

uPort Lambda

  • /uport-project/lambda-chasqui</a> - running_man Messenger service running_man
  • /uport-project/lambda-agora</a> - An open public space where an assembly of applications can share details and be discovered (pre-alpha)
  • /uport-project/lambda-champagne</a>
  • /uport-project/lambda-niscani</a>
  • /uport-project/lambda-sensui</a> - uPort tx funding service
  • /uport-project/lambda-caleuche</a> - Caleuche. Event Hub Service
  • /uport-project/lambda-idgraph</a>
  • /uport-project/lambda-olorun</a> - uPort private network support
  • /uport-project/lambda-fatima</a> - uPort badge event attestor
  • /uport-project/lambda-pututu</a> - Push notification service
  • /uport-project/lambda-nisaba</a> - Lambda functions for anti-sybill
  • /uport-project/lambda-unnu</a> - Creator of Identities

uPort React

  • /uport-project/react-native-uport-signer</a>
  • /uport-project/react-native-signer-demo</a>
  • /uport-project/uport-react-native-demo</a>
  • /uport-project/react-native-uport-connect</a> - Library for integrating uPort into your React Native app
  • /uport-project/react-uport-box</a> - Truffle and React/Redux boilerplate with uPort Connect
  • /uport-project/react-native-passcode-android</a> - Forked from aldigjo/react-native-passcode-android

uPort Assorted

  • /uport-project/champagne-dapp</a> - Champagne Project dApp
  • /uport-project/tweetnacl-k</a> - kotlin implementation of tweetnacl
  • /uport-project/sample-data-generator</a>
  • /uport-project/bck-wallet</a>
  • /uport-project/UPTEthereumSigner-Example</a> - Example app and unit tests for the UPTEthereumSigner repo
  • /uport-project/lastblock</a> - Daemon that alerts when a new block is mined
  • /uport-project/service-tests</a> - Test servers from the outside
  • /uport-project/paper</a>
  • /uport-project/swift-rlp</a> - Recursive Length Prefix in Swift - CocoaPod
  • /uport-project/SwiftKeccak</a> - Ethereum compatible Keccak hash for Swift
  • /uport-project/ed2curve-js</a> - Convert Ed25519 signing keys into Curve25519 Diffie-Hellman keys


  • /SpidChain/eth-lightwallet</a> - Forked from ConsenSys/eth-lightwallet
    • Lightweight JS Wallet for Node and the browser
  • /SpidChain/truffle</a> - Forked from trufflesuite/truffle
    • A development framework for Ethereum
  • /SpidChain/VotingSystem</a> - A dapp, library and smart contract to notarize votes on the ethereum blockchain
  • /SpidChain/ethers-wallet</a> - Forked from ethers-io/ethers.js
    • Complete Ethereum wallet implementation and library in JavaScript.
  • /SpidChain/nodejs-ethereum</a> - Forked from b9lab/nodejs-ethereum Example of using NodeJs with Ethereum


  • /Cryptonomica/cryptonomica</a> - Cryptonomica keys server
  • /Cryptonomica/</a> - Cryptonomica frontend
  • /Cryptonomica/arbitration-rules</a> - Cryptonomica Arbitration Rules
  • /Cryptonomica/dappathon-tlv</a>
  • /Cryptonomica/Ethereum-IdentityVerification</a> - Indentity verification and KYC for Ethereum blockchain
  • /Cryptonomica/</a> - Ethereum node with API on nodejs and web3.js
  • /Cryptonomica/Ethereum-IdentityProof</a> - Smart contract for Ethereum’s account owner verification using
  • /Cryptonomica/international-arbitration-law</a> - Repository for collecting information about international arbitration law and practice