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Updated: November 12 2006 I am trying to come up with the list of vendors and associated products in the Identity and Access Management ar...
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The term "user-centric" identity is getting bandied about a lot these days. It's generally understood to be a different way of expressing the entire identity transaction as opposed to what might be called the "enterprise-centric" approach traditionally used within provisionin...
My recent post on Google's identity silo was part of a hailstorm (pun intended) of comments that occurred on the email list over at the Identity Gang. All of those fast-flying emails unveiled what I'm now calling the "identity silo paradox."
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OneName™ software enables businesses to authorize and control the use of sensitive data within the enterprise and across the Internet.
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Jøsang, Audun and Simon Pope. 2005. “User Centric Identity Management”. AusCERT Conference 2005.