⧉infominer 08-Sep-19 11:38 AM
> I've been looking forward to what Steve Gillmor would say about Attention here, since Steve got this meme rolling two years ago with attention.xml, and later helped launch the Attention Trust., with Seth Goldstein and some other folks. Search for "Steve Gillmor" and Attention on Google, and 113,000 results come up. > > Steve is a good friend. I'm a member of his weekly Gillmor Gang podcast. He's talked about attention many times on many shows, and even has a radio show on Sirius called Attention Tech. And yet, I've got to admit, I've never understood more than a fraction of what he's talking about — even when I've given him my full attention. (Which isn't easy for a techie typically given to "continuous partial attention", as Linda Stone pointed out in one of eTech's best talks.)