covers our work with DIF, Trust over IP, and attending Consensus 2022.


RIF Identity


When “leased out”, the other party can access your personal data — in this manner, the NFMe ID acts as an “authorization key” that allows third parties to use your data in a fair way to generate a shared value between the third party and the owner of the data.


Video: #MARK Studio - Create tamper-proof, secure and globally verifiable digital credentials instantly Dhiway Networks




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sideos is a simple data ecosystem backed by a new web standard: self-sovereign identity, or SSI.

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It starts with IdentityOps embracing high assurance for connected devices. You’re bringing together internal stakeholders from your network management, security, procurement, legal, and device care teams. You’re bringing in clinical outcome quality professionals concerned with data provenance, from clinicians who touch your devices and authenticate through them and authorize them to provide services.

Gravity Earth

Gravity and Tykn are pleased to announce our continued collaboration to advance the interoperability of our two distinct decentralized identity solutions for improved identity management in the humanitarian sector.


“The vision of the company is to improve the systems of the world for everyone everywhere, and the places that need better systems aren’t necessarily Berlin or New York City. So you have to go to places that are a little more difficult, and you have to be very careful as you do it.”


About Dick Hardt’s new thing

Gimly ID is leading self-sovereign identity innovation, with the implementation of SSI with self-issued openID provider (SIOPv2) and full support for openID connect and DIF presentation exchange.


Julian describes’s mission of empowering people with their personal data, as individuals know where all their data is, while they also have “a right for that data”. By having that knowledge and ownership, only individuals have “unlimited usage rights” to unlock the potential data has to be a force for good.

Key findings from the report are:


“When building product-market-fit for our platform, we listened constantly to frustrated customers who embraced the concept of SSI, Verifiable Credentials and Blockchains, but who gave up on piecemealing a solution. And the reasons were mostly due to the lack of specialized SSI developers, implementing complex SDK’s and code builds, and trying to provision onto blockchain networks,”


This isn’t Swisscom Blockchain’s first identity partnership. It also has a relationship with Adresta, which developed a digital identity solution for watches.


The company spent the last five years working with various governments to build connectors to these licensing databases to allow third parties to access the data and have it update automatically. So if you are a plumbing company, you can display your employees’ plumbing credentials on the company website and have them update automatically when the license is renewed (or show that it wasn’t).



As for the near future, Fujitsu envisions enhancing the distributed identity, data privacy, and consent management platform, which would open up all of the benefits described in this article on an as-a-Service basis to any player.

To resolve the complications, Fujitsu says it collaborated with the Keio Research Institute at SFC on a digital identity technology in September 2021, which resulted in an identity conversion gateway that enables multiple identity infrastructures to be interconnected without using a unified protocol.


Now, we’re making Civic Pass available to developers everywhere. The idea is that developers can plug Civic Pass into their platform and create an identity layer that allows for a permissioned dApp platform, be it a DEX, an NFT marketplace or mint, a metaverse, or who knows what else you’ll come up with.


Insights from a year-long evaluation of our Digital Identity program


Beyond OnRamp’s direct data integrations, the platform also supports the ability for third party credentials to enter the OnRamp platform via the WACI specification


Block is a new name, but our purpose of economic empowerment remains the same.

5 years after establishing Decentralized Identity at Microsoft, where I had the opportunity to work with great folks developing open source DID infrastructure (e.g. ION), standards, and products, I am joining Square to lead Decentralized Identity.



Self-sovereign objects are are self-executing and self-owning; capable of determining their own lifecycle to maximise material utility and performance whilst minimizing negative environmental impacts. Augmented by sensing capabilities and the ability to autonomously execute smart contracts, material objects could continuously monitor their own performance and contract for their maintenance, repair or recycling.






Chipper Cash has become the latest financial institution to adopt Onfido’s identity verification technology. The company currently operates one of the largest money transfer platforms in Africa, and is hoping





Blockchain-based Digital Identity specialist Talao, a Paris-based startup which focuses on Self-Sovereign Identity options and blockchain-based options is the developer of the primary French smartphone pockets for Self-Sovereign Identity. The firm simply introduced the provision of its new id pockets for all cellular customers in Europe.


Identity has been a contentious point for humanity ever since we evolved societies. How are we sure that someone is who they say they are?


insights on what IAMX does, how can users and telcos can benefit from it, and why would users be interested in and trust IAMX. Later we talked about the recording and securing of biometric information. IAMX is having an ISPO




PUBLISH CEO Sonny Kwon gave an overview of a press ID app PUBLISH is building in collaboration with the Journalists Association of Korea (JAK). He explained that the mobile application, which leverages decentralized identity (DID) technology to manage press credentials, would help the JAK combat misinformation and reduce administrative costs associated with its current press credentialing process.

PUBLISHiD users will further be able to assemble collections of verifiable credentials from one or more issuers into a single verifiable presentation. Other features include DAuth-based authentication, single-sign on (SSO), and an agent ID service capable of handling the management of and security between credential issuers and verifiers.


Bosch will now also systematically transfer the self-sovereign identity (SSI) principle to the B2B sector – in other words to business relationships between companies. A further step will involve transferring it to secure and trustworthy interactions between machines.

In cross-border and migration contexts, digital wallets promise to have wide ranging implications for global governance, especially in identity management and finance. In this brief Margie Cheesman outlines use cases as well as concerns and risks when it comes to their adoption in the migration sector.