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										Talao SSI wallet now available on Apple AppStore and Google Play								 ## IAM

Our #IAM #VendorManagement database just exceeded the 100 entries threshold! There’s still a lot of work but it shows already how the IAM #market is a vibrant, diverse, and innovative industry - find out more and contribute at


The new FPX Junction cloud software suite is designed for fine-grained API authorization and user-centric digital identity management. The digital wallet and user-managed access 2.0 authorization server work together to enable single-sign on federation. An optional user interface SDK for the digital wallet provides native mobile and web support.

FPX Junction is a cloud-based set of software products which provide fine-grained API authorization and user centric identity management capabilities.

Verifiable Credentials Support – Evolving to support Verifiable Credentials, FPX Junction includes an updated digital wallet API which enables the holding, receiving and presentation of W3C Verifiable Credentials using W3C Decentralized Identifiers. FPX Junction meets requirements for Aries Interop Profile 2.0 and DIDComm based credential exchanges.



That includes companies that are trying to prevent digital fraud, as well as companies that are engaged in identity verification and decentralized identity projects. However, the list is not exhaustive […] Allthenticate will be the recipient of its first investment.

Asia SSI Startups


ZADA apps are all launched and our first digital ID – a COVIDPASS – is being issued by Pun Hlaing Hospitals to everyone who gets vaccinated.

KYC Chain

KYC-Chain will enter a partnership with enVoy. enVoy offers sustainable DeFi, tokenized letters of credit, realtime x border payments, and tokenized documentation for the supply chain removing risk and creating trust for third-party trade on an end to end ESG and sustainable supply chain journey.

The way many businesses have traditionally implemented KYC is by taking a manual, fragmented approach – essentially implementing various different KYC processes using different tools, methods and resources, including human compliance teams.

Africa SSI Startups



FlexID is giving users a blockchain wallet that stores their verificable credentials. Verification is done on-chain through Algorand, which bills itself as a solution to the blockchain trilemma of security, scalability and decentralization. FlexID will also be integrating with other Algorand decentralized apps (dApps).

Zimbabwean founded blockchain start-up, FlexID Technologies (formerly FlexFinTx), has signed a Simple Agreement For Equity (SAFE) with the Algorand Foundation, to further develop and scale their Self Sovereign Identity (SSI) platform

Gravity Earth

As the Lead Developer, a big part of my role is to build Gravity’s decentralized identity protocol and blockchain architecture on Tezos.

This month, Gravity joined some of the largest international NGOs in the world to launch the Dignified Identities in Cash Programming (DIGID) project in Kenya. The goal of this project is to help the Kenya Red Cross leverage Gravity’s decentralized identity protocol on Tezos to provide much-needed cash transfers to vulnerable Kenyan populations.

EU SSI Startups


Tangle Labs

By producing an accessible, open-source wrapper library, Tangle Labs provides any business or development team the opportunity to easily explore SSI and to test and prototype solutions that can bring added value to your business.