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Verifiable Credentials was a breakthrough topic and it’s clearly on the path to mainstream adoption. Main sessions by Microsoft and Avast showcased their application of VCs in the IAM landscape, showing VCs aren’t the future anymore–they are the present.

Few pause to think that their phones can be transformed into surveillance devices, with someone thousands of miles away silently extracting their messages, photos and location, activating their microphone to record them in real time.

Such are the capabilities of Pegasus, the spyware manufactured by NSO Group, the Israeli purveyor of weapons of mass surveillance.

“Governments decide the requirements to travel; airlines and passengers need to comply,” says the IATA on its website, emphasizing that the airline body is not itself mandating that passengers must have a Covid-19 vaccine in order to travel.

I was quoted in the article in MIT Technology Review on April 6, 2022, “Deception, exploited workers, and cash handouts: How Worldcoin recruited its first half a million test users.”

This is not limited to alcohol, however. It also includes other age-restricted products such as tobacco, cannabis (where legal of course), vaping products, gambling, some movie tickets and even lottery tickets.

With identity being the missing link, the advent of self‐​sovereign identity could finally bring ambitious projects like Bitnation to fruition. This virtual blockchain jurisdiction wants to establish a blockchain‐​based self‐​administration or, as the project itself advertises, “a toolbox for do‐​it‐​yourself governance.” With the concept of self‐​sovereign identity being implemented properly, new digital nations such as Bitnation could compete against old territorial tax states.