At this stage of the AATH Enhancement Project, two factors helped define its broad content:

The new Hyperledger Aries Framework JavaScript release (0.2.0) contains some incredible steps forward. Especially in our goal to make the framework AIP 2.0 compliant. AIP 2.0 compliance will not only ensure the framework supports the latest standards and protocols, but it will also greatly increase interoperability and make it more useful outside of the Hyperledger Indy ecosystem.

“This approval is further evidence that Hyperledger Aries is a breakout success for the Hyperledger community,” said Brian Behlendorf, General Manager for Blockchain, Healthcare and Identity at the Linux Foundation. “Convergence on common libraries for the exchange of credentials will help speed the development of urgently-needed solutions and systems, ranging from education to finance to the fight against the pandemic. Aries is key to that convergence.”

The TSC commended the Aries project during the meeting for the project’s highly diverse contributors. Achieving a high number of organizations contributing to a project at Hyperledger is often a challenge. Congratulations are due to those participating in and supporting the Aries Project.

There are three projects under the Hyperledger umbrella related to digital identity. Hyperledger Indy, Aries, and Ursa. […] describe their purpose and how they’re related to each other.

Aries \ Indy \ AnonCreds the dialogue continues

Standards such as OIDC and mDL are all now in dialogue with W3C, AnonCreds, Aries, etc. Mobile is a predominant technology, just like the way laptops were once upon a time. To reduce consumer friction and drive adoption, convergence of all these different technologies is required inside a mobile environment

While no technology runs perfectly on every device, a signal strength of Aries, AnonCreds, and Indy is that they work on the vast majority of current devices and systems, including $35 smart phones and low powered IOT/embedded devices. They represent the most inclusive way into this technology, which is an important factor in their popularity.

The Hyperledger Mentorship Program is a structured hands-on learning opportunity for new developers who may otherwise lack the opportunity to gain exposure to Hyperledger open source development and entry to the technical community.

Hyperledger Aries – Aries Bifold – Aries-Framework-Javascript – React Native



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Karim Stekelenburg:

Using the self-sovereign identity solution Hyperledger Aries, almost everything works peer to peer between the license issuer and the pilot and between the pilot and the verifier.