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Presented by Patientory includes Jim St. Claire of LFPH

Self-sovereign identity (SSI) is a movement that claims digital identity should be just as legitimate and nuanced as a person’s human identity, while being accessible to all, privacy-preserving, and not reliant on a single government or corporation.

The Cardea Community at Linux Foundation Public Health is pleased to announce the third Interop-a-thon on June 16, between 8:00am and 12:00pm MST (UTC-7:00). Anyone building a Hyperledger Aries compatible product or system can sign up here.

There are five agents main agents in the cardia ecosystem. The health enterprise agent, which is a cloud agent that allows for a health organization a hospital lab clinic pharmacy. Whoever is going to be issuing the credentials to participate in hie would be a a government health organization all of those would be represented by a health enterprise agent issuing credentials there’s a government agent that’s represented in the ecosystem right now that verifies credentials presented to it and then issues trusted travelers a mobile verifier agent

The Cardea and GCCN projects are both excellent examples of breakthrough innovations that can take shape when companies and projects come together to solve real-world problems, using open source tools available to everyone

In proving that tamper-proof health data could be issued to travelers by their health providers and be verified by airlines and other countries without having to check back in with the health provider, Cardea has laid the foundation for something much bigger than Covid testing. Verifiable credential technology provides a way for all kinds of health data to be shared in a privacy-preserving and security-enhanced way.