Digital Bazaar founder, Manu Sporney, proposed the W3C Credentials Community Group in 2014. “to forge a path for a secure, decentralized system of credentials that would empower both individual people and organizations on the Web to store, transmit, and receive digitally verifiable proof of qualifications and achievements.”

Harrison Tang, CEO of Spokeo, is the new co-chair of the CCG

W3C CCG (World Wide Web Consortium’s Credentials Community Group) aims to explore the creation, storage, presentation, verification, and user control of credentials (i.e. a set of claims made about someone, or a person record).


CCG - Credentials community group

Self-sovereign identity, or SSI, is basically an identity owned by you - the user. In self-sovereign identity, you control and manage the access to your information

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New CCG infrastructure features:

These are baby steps towards an attempt at auto-transcription and auto-publication of minutes. There are a few things that aren’t automated yet (like auto-detecting the meeting name)… ETA on those upgrades is unknown since all these upgrades are on a best effort basis.

Notifications of messages to this mailing list (public-credentials) are now sent to our IRC channel (#ccg).

This process is open to anyone – no W3C Membership dues, fees, etc. required to participate.

This is a friendly reminder that anyone in the community that is doing something interesting that you think the community should know about whether that work is done here in the CCG or elsewhere, can email the chairs with what you want to share and we can get you on the calendar. It’s best if you email all 3 chairs.

there are statements like: “Buy our products! We’re the best!” (with nothing else that we can learn from) that is frowned upon… but, in general, even if it is a feature in one of your products, chances are that we want to hear about it if it has relevance to how we might interoperate on that feature (or use it to meet a goal of the community).