As the Herald reports Kate Forbes has announced £45m in funding to “transform Scotland into one of Europe’s leading economies to start or grow a technology business.”

“Under the bonnet, the VMT sends copies of the records of immunisations to the NCDS. For those that may be interested, this is achieved using a “FHIR API” based on the UK FHIR Core Immunisation Profile. A FHIR API is essentially an industry standard way of sharing digital health data. The NCDS can then securely share citizens’ immunisation history records to other services, again using a FHIR API.”

As we’ll explore in the upcoming and future webinars, Scotland’s opportunity is to build upon this core innovation through a collaborating community, a Digital Healthcare Ecosystem, to flesh it out in multiple directions including ways to expand user uptake and to enable new scenarios for how users interact with and update data.

From the Blockchain through AI and the ‘Metaverse’, Scotland is presented with a wide spectrum of technology innovations to harness. And from Education through Economy, there is an equally wide spectrum of opportunity areas where it can be applied, for great national benefit.

This of course is the backbone of the education system, how grades are assessed and rewarded, and it is here therefore where the biggest levers for change are possible, and in this article we’ll explain the role new technologies can play in underpinning and enabling such a transformation.