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ready to market by end of end of 2022 offering increased flexibility, control, ease of use and speed when managing the access of video distribution ecosystem data, independent of the technology used.  Divitel video carrier customers will be offered the option to include this blockchain module on top of their ecosystems.

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A pertinent example of how this can be applied in the corporate world is this example of the Scottish Social Services Council uses them to underpin workforce learning. The BCS describes this as the future of professional development, with many organizations like Siemens using them this way.

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You might think that I have lost my mind. We have just reported that our Indy SDK based DID agency is AIP 1.0 compatible, and everything is wonderful. What’s going on?

Think about the journey of a coffee bean from East Africa to the consumer. Thousands of miles away in the 1 sip to field wrapped in a complex, and often unsustainable, inequitable supply chain. There are 25 million people living in the coffee ecosystem, and 2.5 billion coffee drinkers worldwide, and that number is expected to 2-3X in coming years.


One example use case is medical records, which are often stored in central repositories and are hard for patients to access or share. Verifiable credentials offer an alternative — have patients store their medical records in digital wallets they control — which solves issues with interoperability, data ownership, and data access.

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“The convenience retailing industry conducts 165 million transactions a day and 50 million of them involve an age-restricted product. It is exciting to announce that TruAge will be implemented into thousands of stores that conduct age-restricted transactions,” said TruAge CEO Kyle McKeen.

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