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SSI Meetup is an open, collaborative community to help SSI evangelists around the world, independent of company interests or standards. Our main mission is to help you connect with other SSI enthusiasts and create a dynamic, local, yet globally connected community.

Monthly webinars, the presentations and video of which are invaluable resources.

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It’s not sustainable to keep them all listed on one page, so I’ve split off all the presentations on Specs and Open Standards. This process will continue as each presentation is given more individual attention.

Slideshare Presentations

It would be nice to create a page breaking down each of these presentations with supporting links.

Hyperledger Aries - Nathan George

Hyperledger Aries: Open Source Interoperable Identity Solution – Nathan George</a>

IIW #28 with Drummond Reed

Highlights of Internet Identity Workshop #28 with Drummond Reed</a>

Interpersonal Data - Philip Sheldrake

Interpersonal data, identity, and relationships – in pursuit of collective minds – Philip Sheldrake</a>

Digital Identity Wallets - Darrell O’Donnell

The State of Digital Identity Wallets – Darrell O’Donnell</a>

Sovereignty in Historical Context - Natalie Smolenski

Sovereignty in Historical Context for Self-Sovereign Identity - Natalie Smolenski</a>

SSI and Open Source - Richard Esplin

Self-Sovereign Identity (SSI) and Open Source - Richard Esplin</a>

Alastria - Carlos Pastor

Alastria Digital Identity: the Spanish Blockchain solution for SSI - Carlos Pastor</a>

Quest for SSI - Daniel Hardman

Identity and the quest for Self-Sovereign Identity - Daniel Hardman</a>

MyData model from Finland - Antti ‘Jogi’ Poikola

Self-Sovereign Identity and the MyData model from Finland - Antti 'Jogi' Poikola</a>


ID and Privacy

Identity and Privacy: Past, Present, and Digital - Brenda K. Leong</a>

Zero Knowledge Proofs - Clare Nelson

Zero-Knowledge Proofs: Privacy-Preserving Digital Identity with Clare Nelson</a>

Governance - Trust Frameworks

Decentralized Governance for SSI - Lawrence Lundy-Bryan

Decentralized governance for SSI and Blockchains with Lawrence Lundy-Bryan</a>

PanCanadian Trust Framework for SSI - Tim Bouma

Overview of the Proposed PanCanadian Trust Framework for SSI - Tim Bouma</a>

CULedger and MyCUID

Trust Frameworks and SSI: An Interview with CULedger on the Credit Union MyCUID Trust Framework</a>


Silvan Jongerius

The impact of the GDPR on Blockchain & SSI – Silvan Jongerius</a>

Elizabeth M. Renieris

Liability under GDPR and the Self Sovereign Identity Model - Elizabeth M. Renieris</a>