SSI-Meetup on Open Standards and Implementations

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SSI Meetup is an open, collaborative community to help SSI evangelists around the world, independent of company interests or standards. Our main mission is to help you connect with other SSI enthusiasts and create a dynamic, local, yet globally connected community.

Monthly webinars, the presentations and video of which are invaluable resources.

SSI Meetup Pages on

It’s not sustainable to keep them all listed on one page, so I’ve split off all the presentations on Specs and Open Standards. This process will continue as each presentation is given more individual attention.

Presentations on Open Standards

This page is for all the presentations about the various standards surrounding Decentralized Identity initiatives.

Open Standards with Drummond Reed

DIDs the Fundamental Building block of SSI


DKMS - Drummond Reed

DIDs and the W3C - Manu Sporny and Drummond Reed

Schema Definitions and Overlay - Paul Knowles

DID Resolution - Markus Sabadello

Verifiable Credentials 101 - Tyler Ruff

DID Auth - Markus Sabadello

Element DID Method - Orie Steele

ION - Bitcoin DIDs with Microsoft - Daniel Buchner