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  • JSON-LD for Beginners
  • Why JSON-LD

    JSON-LD is able to accomplish the same thing, but does not require HTML. It can exist in and of itself. In short, JSON-LD can be inserted into your web page without disrupting the current content or HTML.


JSON-LD Articles and Presentations (source)

Introductory Material


Blog Posts

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GitHub Repositories

  • Torann/json-ld - Extremely simple JSON-LD Generator
  • piprate/json-gold - JSON-goLD Documentations Travis CI results GoCover.io

    This library is an implementation of the JSON-LD 1.1 specification in Go. It supports both URDNA2015 and URGNA2012 RDF dataset normalisation algorithms.

  • JayHoltslander/Structured-Data-JSON-LD

    Collection of structured data snippets in Google preferred JSON-LD format. codepen.io/collection/DNvPJE/

  • codemeta/codemeta

    CodeMeta contributors are creating a minimal metadata schema for science software and code, in JSON and XML. The goal of CodeMeta is to create a concept vocabulary that can be used to standardize the exchange of software metadata across repositories and organizations. CodeMeta started by comparing the software metadata used across multiple repositories, which resulted in the CodeMeta Metadata Crosswalk. That crosswalk was then used to generate a set of software metadata concepts, which were arranged into a JSON-LD context for serialization.


JSON-LD Public Repositories

Digital Bazaar

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