Our Values

Decentralized-id.com is a collaborative, participatory learning community oriented that strives to support the elaboration and adoption of a user-controlled decentralized identity layer for the internets of the future. All of this is a labor of love and a work in progress, but certain shared values undergird our work and set the terms of our engagement with the broader public. We strive to be:

- Educational. Our primary motivation is to make it easier to navigate the information around creating decentralized identity systems. To create a decentralized identity layer and to for the internet is a monumental task. Understanding the history of this effort, and it’s numerous inter-related parts, is helpful for assessing interoperability, quantifying decentralization, and creating potential solutions. As it stands, such information is widely dispersed, and it requires much effort and research to gather it into one place. Once the essential themes are organized for our consumption, it should be easier to move forward in whatever direction we are pursuing.

- Impartial. We take impartiality seriously. We work to avoid playing favorites, taking sides, offering investment advice, or contributing to market dynamics whereby vendors and platforms jockey for relative advantage. Our priority is to present the most complete picture possible, in breadth and depth, without editorializing or predicting the future. The strengths and weaknesses of each implementation are presented as we encounter them.

We and/or our contributors are likely to have our own prejudices. However, we aim to leave them at the door, and present all information in a civil and non-adversarial fashion here. The important thing is for the Internet to have a Decentralized Identity Layer. Not for any particular application or organization to “win” or “lose” against the rest.

- Inclusive. Healthy community bonds are the only effective countermeasure against profit agendas and ulterior motives. Everyone is welcome to contribute to this resource. Ideally, it will mature to the point that the community can maintain it with minimal effort from any particular individual. It is outside the scope of this document, but detailed contributors guidelines are forthcoming and should make it easy for anyone to participate.

- Not for Profit. The purpose of this site is to learn and share knowledge. That being said, the research involved is a lot of work, along with building the site. We accept private donations and/or corporate sponsorships to cover expenses. Additionally, individual contributors may do paid consulting, writing, or other commercial ventures independent of this project.

- Public Domain Unless otherwise noted, all the content of this site is released to the public domain. Any contributions belong solely to their contributors unless otherwise specified.