Our Aim

Decentralized-id.com is a collaborative, participatory learning community oriented that strives to support the elaboration and adoption of a self-sovereign identity layer for the internet. This is a labor of love and a work in progress. Certain values undergird those who share in this work. Our Aim:

- Educational. Our primary motivation is to enable ease in navigating the voluminous information information related to the topic of decentralised identity. It requires new methods for gathering and distributing information, if all identity networks should interoperate in a widespread fashion. As it stands, such information is widely dispersed, requiring dedication both to gather and present.

- Impartial. As individuals we are quite partial to given systems and organizations. As a publication, we’re interested in a palatable communication of such a variety of technologies, it’s not possible to know precisely what valuable information could be found where we’re not expecting.

The important thing is for the Internet to have a Decentralized Identity Layer. It’s more important that this information becomes more easily accessible and navigable, for all. Not for any particular application or organization to “win” or “lose” against the rest. Success comes as we rise together.

- Inclusive. DIDecentral could better described as an unorganization of self-affirming members. It is a do-ocracy, comprised of those who share a passion for building a common repository of knowledge, in support of Sovereign Identity.

- Not for Profit. The purpose of this site is to learn and share knowledge. That being said, research and discovery of methods for sharing that research is a lot of work. We accept private donations and/or sponsorships. If there is a particular topic you’d like more information on, a donation would surely speed the time to publication. Individual contributors are likely to be working independently on paid contracts, consulting, writing, and\or other commercial ventures.

- Public Domain Unless otherwise noted, all the content of this site is released to the public domain. Contributors wishing to retain full rights of their work must specify such, before the time of publication.