Welcome to DIDecentral!

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Infominer, here. Just want to give a bit of an introduction to this site, share a bit of my philosophy around how I work, and why I built it.

I came into the Bitcoin space, mid 2017, around the time I began looking for work writing research based content.

I hadn’t been involved with tech for nearly a decade, but I was excited about the idea of getting paid to learn, and how computers and the internet landscape had matured, in my absence.

Initially, I advertised freelance writing services, for detail oriented, research based, content. I found it very difficult to both learn what was required for articles I was hired for, and find a quality\authoritative reference to use for the article. I saw such a great need for quality references, and that the market rates weren’t sustainably aligned with the type of detailed content I like to create.

I’ve since become consumed with the idea of making curated lists for some of the tech topics I’m most interested in. In this way, I make complex subjects easier to navigate, much more quickly than I could write about all the things. Meanwhile, curated list of references enables the creation of a variety of articles. So while I may be slow at filling in some commentary around the lists, it makes a solid base for further exploration.

In its first iteration, this site was an “awesome list”, but it didn’t quite fit the model, and began growing into its own type of curated publication. I saw that decentralized identity had a long history, and that it could be the blockchain use-case, beyond currency. I also felt that the community would appreciate my efforts, and it was possible for me to help a worthy cause, while building a bit of a portfolio.

The landscape is moving quickly, and so I’m just filling out and discovering a map of the territory, as able. The idea has always been for this to be a collaborative effort. I’d welcome any effort from visitors who feel inspired to spruce up a page, here and there, or potentially add pages \ sections. Then again, you may wish to harvest some of the resources for a creation of your own. Either way, I’ll keep chipping away at it.

There has been some contribution, and some un-organization going on, behind the scenes. I’ve connected with some likeminded people who share the vision and have been working somewhat in parallel, and together, on similar ideas.

I’m not going to speak for any of them. Soon, there will be a public mailing list, for the un-organization behind this website. That seems to be how decentralized organizations actually happen, online. At that point, we can come up with some structure for the efforts, and think out the process in a more collaborative fashion.

I’m not really looking to be in charge of anything, but recognize leadership as seeing something that should be done, or could be improved upon, and doing it. If you see something you’d like to improve, please, feel free.

I feel blessed to have had such meaningful learning experience and initiation into digital identity, and grateful for the support and encouragement of those I’ve connected with.

Thanks for Visiting, and taking the time to read this note.