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I discovered decentralized identity as a freelance content creator, when I was hired to write a few in-depth articles about Hyperledger Indy.

Inspired by @peacekeeper’s blockchain-identity list on GitHub, I began working on my own curated list of resources related to decentralized identity.

I saw that decentralized identity has had a long history, and that it could be the blockchain use-case, beyond currency. I knew this community had a need for this organization of it’s information, and that I could find my way into some profitable ventures doing so.

Get Involved

At some point, I connected with Kaliya @identitywoman who has ever been working on similar efforts, to map out the organizations and protocols surrounding decentralized-identity, and has become something of an editorial advisor. Juan @by_caballero has gotten his hands dirty working on this site and related projects, sometimes assisting in curation.

A few others have become friends to this effort, even if they haven’t physically contributed to the site. Among those is Kyle Den Hartog who financially supported some of my work in curating peer-to-peer histories, which may eventually be adapted for this site.

The landscape is moving quickly, and so I’m just filling out and discovering a map of the territory, as able.

The idea has always been for this to be a collaborative effort, and you are very welcome to participate in the creation of this resource.


If you’d like to participate, feel free to reach out on twitter (@DecentralizeID or @infominer33), by email ([email protected]), or send a carrier pigeon according to the customary protocols.

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You can always find us on GitHub, and contribute directly, but you may find these instructions helpful to get started.

There is an “Edit this page” button at the bottom of each page. This makes it easy for you to get started adding a link here and there, needing only a GitHub account.

Make a change and create a pull request.

Click the pencil icon to begin editing

When you’re done editing, click propose changes

Submit your Pull Request!

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