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Governments of Canada and the Pan Canadian Trust Framework

“The Treasury Board Secretariat of Canada (TBS) and Shared Services Canada (SSC) are seeking a standardized method to issue and rapidly verify portable digital credentials across many different contexts, thereby reducing human judgement error, increasing efficiency and ensuring digital credential...

3 minute read
Tags: [Canada]
Published: 2020-01-11

In the United States Public Sector

The DHS Science and Technology Directorate (S&T) Silicon Valley Innovation Program (SVIP) is keeping pace with the innovation community to tackle the hardest problems faced by DHS and the Homeland Security Enterprise. SVIP expands DHS S&T’s reach to find new technologies that strengthen n...

6 minute read
Tags: [DHS] [SBIR] [SVIP] [Evernym] [Digital Bazaar] [Danube] [Learning Machine] [Respect Network]
Published: 2020-01-11 Updated: 2020-01-11

Verifiable Credentials

A new type of globally resolvable, cryptographically-verifiable identifier, registered directly on a distributed ledger (aka Blockchain)

9 minute read
Tags: [W3C] [CCG] [VC-WG]
Published: 2020-01-10 Updated: 2020-01-10

Linked Data and the Semantic Web

In 2001, Tim Berners-Lee, inventor of the World Wide Web, published an article in Scientific American. Berners-Lee, along with two other researchers, Ora Lassila and James Hendler, wanted to give the world a preview of the revolutionary new changes they saw coming to the web. Since its introdu...

8 minute read
Tags: [Linked Data] [JSON-LD] [RDF]
Published: 2020-01-10 Updated: 2020-01-09

Welcome to DIDecentral!

Infominer, here. Just want to give a bit of an introduction to this site, share a bit of my philosophy around how I work, and why I built it.

2 minute read
Published: 2020-01-10 Updated: 2020-01-13


Why WebAuthn will change the world - Pamela Dingle A little over a month ago, W3C WebAuthn became a real internet specification. Most of you don’t know what WebAuthn is yet, but many of you will feel the impact in short order. In fact, I will go so far as to say that WebAuthn may ...

4 minute read
Tags: [WebAuthN]
Published: 2020-01-09 Updated: 2020-01-09

Secure Scuttlebutt

Secure Scuttlebutt is a database protocol for unforgeable append-only message feeds. “Unforgeable” means that only the owner of a feed can update that feed, as enforced by digital signing (see Security properties). This property makes Secure Scuttlebutt useful for peer-to-peer applications. Secur...

13 minute read
Tags: [Scuttlebot] [P2P]
Published: 2020-01-08 Updated: 2020-01-09


Blockcerts is an open standard for building apps that issue and verify blockchain-based official records. These may include certificates for civic records, academic credentials, professional licenses, workforce development, and more. Blockcerts consists of open-source libraries, tools, and mobile...

4 minute read
Tags: [Bitcoin] [Learning Machine] [BTCR]
Published: 2020-01-07 Updated: 2020-01-07