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    Name: Magic Labs

    Main: Website, Blog, Docs, Socials: Twitter, Youtube, Crunchbase, Founders: Arthur Jen, Jaemin Jin, Sean Li Founded: 2018 Location: USA, California, San Francisco Sector: Enterprise Industry: ID Market: SSI Tech: Passwordless

    Magic is a developer SDK that you can integrate into your application to enable passwordless authentication using magic links - similar to Slack and Medium.

    When users want to sign up or log in to your application:

    User requests a magic link sent to their email address
    User clicks on that magic link
    User is securely logged into the application

    If it’s a web application, users are logged into the original tab, even if the user clicked on the magic link on a different browser or mobile device!


  • Magic Product Updates: December Edition
    Type: Post Date: 2021-12-28 Market: Developers
  • Since our last product update, we’ve launched a multifaceted set of capabilities that enable you to do more with Magic.

  • Building a low-code, opinionated approach to plug & play login
    Type: Post Date: 2021-10-27 Market: IAM
  • Magic Login Form represents a new onboarding experience for end-users, so we wanted to revamp our own onboarding experience for developers to match. Learning about auth can quickly derail any developer’s good day. Striking the balance between good UX and good security can just boggle the mind.

  • Magic Raises $27M to Future-Proof Authentication
    Type: Post Date: 2021-08-09 Standard: WebAuthN
  • Magic makes it plug and play for developers to add secure, passwordless login, like magic links and WebAuthN, to their applications. Users are no longer exposed to password-related risks from the very start.

  • Decrypt trusts Magic to onboard record new user growth with the launch of reader tokens and rewards
    Type: Post Date: 2021-05-27 Sector: Web3 Industry: DWeb Market: DeFi Focus: Onboarding
  • I’ll cover how the Decrypt team streamlined development and onboarding to launch Decrypt Tokens and Drops — along with how crypto DNA and a leading product and team drove their trust in Magic.

  • Magic: A Key-Based Authentication System For Self-Sovereign Identity
    Type: Whitepaper Date: 2020-07-09
  • Since Magic’s authentication protocol is based on key pairs provided by decentralized blockchain networks, it is platform-independent and thus able to provide authentication service without having to rely on centralized identity providers.


  • 3 Types of Passwordless Authentication for Web 3.0
    Type: Post Date: 2021-12-30 Tech: Passwordless
  • Passwordless authentication is a fundamental shift in how people will access their tools and information online, and it will provide more security, prevent billions in losses, and create greater transparency.

  • Developers: SMS Authentication is Challenging
    Type: Post Date: 2021-10-27 Tech: SMS
  • SMS (Short Message Service) messaging¹, despite a number of material challenges, has broad adoption, international regulations, and support across platforms.


  • Magic at HackOn2.0
    Type: Post Date: 2021-08-02 Event: HackOn2.0
  • At Magic, we love to be where developers hang out. As a Developer Advocate, it’s especially fun to connect with devs dreaming up big ideas and hacking them into reality. Back in April, the HackOn2.0 team reached out to me to talk about getting Magic involved in their next hackathon. We jumped at the opportunity and were so glad to support the HackOn2.0’s vibrant community.