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    Name: Global ID

    Main: Website, Blog, Socials: Twitter, Youtube, Crunchbase, Linkedin, Founders: Alka Gupta, Greg Kidd, Mitja Simcic Founded: 2016 Location: USA, California, San Francisco Sector: Enterprise Industry: ID Market: SSI Projects: VCI

    At GlobaliD, we’re building a universal identity solution that is easy to use, ties users to unique names and transcends borders and institutions.


  • Building a more inclusive and equitable future
    Type: Post Date: 2022-06-29 Focus: Wallets
  • When we first launched the GlobaliD Wallet powered by Uphold back in June of 2020, the goal was clear. Our vision has always been that anyone, anywhere should be able to create and own their self-sovereign digital identity. And along with that identity, they should get a wallet, providing them access to basic financial services.

  • Introducing PRIVATE
    Related: anchain.ai Type: Framework Founder: Calvin Burrows Date: 2022-04-05 Industry: Compliance Projects: PRIVATE
  • PRIVATE is a new technical framework developed in collaboration with AnChain.AI that carves out a path toward regulatory compliance for non-custodial wallets while preserving user privacy. (PRIVATE stands for Privacy Preservation through Resolution of Identity via Verification and Attestation for Travel Rule CompliancE)

  • GlobalID Introduces Trustees for Key Recovery
    Type: Post Date: 2021-06-08
  • Trustees can be friends or family members from your contact list. Once selected, each Trustee is granted a shard of your private key. Restoring your lost Identity requires approval from the majority of your Trustees.


  • Telling our story with the new GlobaliD website
    Related: Future Proof Type: Episode Date: 2022-09-14
  • about the brand new GlobaliD website and how it contextualizes our role in the world of digital identity while allowing us to tell our story more effectively.

  • The Sovereignty Stack: Re-thinking Digital Identity for Web3.0 w/ Greg KIDD [METACO TALKS #23]
    Type: Video Founder: Metaco Talks Date: 2021-10-04
  • Greg is a serial entrepreneur who is probably best known for founding and taking public Dispatch Management Services Corp, the world’s largest on demand dispatch network for urgent deliveries. In a highly interesting career so far, Greg was also Chief Risk Officer at Ripple Labs and a senior analyst for the Board of Governors of the Federal Reserve in Washington. In his latest venture Global ID, Greg is acting on his long-held belief that people’s identity should be truly portable and owned by individuals themselves rather than corporations or governments.

  • The future of COVID credentials on GlobaliD
    Type: Post Date: 2021-08-30 Market: COVID
  • With our new platform, we’ll also be releasing a brand new COVID credential. Users will be able to validate the authenticity of their digital vaccine record from around the world and store the proof of the validation as a credential in their GlobaliD app.

  • GlobaliD connects to the Indicio Network
    Related: Indicio Type: Post Date: 2021-01-21 Market: COVID
  • The Indicio Network will enable the issuance and verification of credentials on the GlobaliD platform and in the app, allowing individuals to port their credentials for authentication and authorization into any participating use case scenario — including vaccine passports.


  • Device-based identity
    Related: GlobaliD 101 Type: Post Date: 2022-10-05
  • That way, your sensitive Personal data is stored locally on your own device rather than hosted on some company’s server that becomes a target for hackers.

  • Understanding GlobaliD’s identity platform
    Related: Future Proof Type: Episode Date: 2022-09-16
  • within the context of a self-sovereign identity that means that i as the holder of that Credential i’m the only one that gets to decide who gets to see it which is a pretty wild concept

  • How to decentralize identity and empower individuals
    Related: Future Proof Type: Episode Date: 2022-09-16 Standard: Verifiable Credentials
  • If the internet decentralized information and crypto decentralized money and payments, then verifiable credentials will decentralize identity. In this episode, we chat with Dev Bharel, the software architect leading the charge around verifiable credentials at GlobaliD.

  • Everyone will have an ID wallet
    Related: Future Proof Type: Episode Date: 2022-09-14
  • how ID wallets work within the digital identity ecosystem, briefly explains the trust triangle, and previews the GlobaliD Wallet which will be released later this year

  • Bring Your Own Identity
    Related: GlobaliD 101 Type: Post Date: 2022-08-30
  • At first, accessing all of your accounts on the internet meant you had to create a username and password for each company or service you were trying to interact with.

    Now, you can access many websites by using your existing social media accounts from Facebook, Twitter or LinkedIn. You can even log in with your Google and Apple accounts as well.

  • Every company is an identity company
    Related: GlobaliD 101 Type: Post Date: 2022-08-24
  • At first, every company was a tech company. Every business needed a digital strategy. Back in 2017, Goldman Sachs’ CEO famously stated that the storied investment bank was actually a tech company: “We are a technology firm. We are a platform.”

    Not long after, every company was a fintech company. Every business needed a way to manage money and payments. As Andreessen Horowitz’s Angela Strange wrote in 2019, “I believe the next era of financial services will come from seemingly unexpected places… Fintech is eating the world.”

    Fast forward to today, and every company is an identity company. Every business needs to connect with customers and users as well as manage their data, privacy, and trust in a compliant way.

  • ID wallets
    Related: GlobaliD 101 Type: Post Date: 2022-08-02
  • Why the ID Wallet is the first step toward achieving a new vision for digital identity

  • How digital identity should work. Part 1:
    Related: GlobaliD 101 Type: Episode Authors: Heather Dahl, Ken Ebert, Indicio Date: 2022-07-05
  • In this episode, we’re joined by CEO Heather Dahl and CTO Ken Ebert from Indicio, the market leader in developing trusted digital ecosystems. Heather and Ken discuss how new identity-based technology can help people, governments and companies develop greater digital trust in a modern society.

  • What is the trust triangle?
    Type: Post Date: 2022-06-21
  • The Trust Triangle — the system of issuers, holders, and verifiers that illustrates how identity works (and how it’s broken, today

  • Why self-sovereign identity matters
    Type: Post Date: 2020-04-29
  • your digital identity represents you as a unique real-life person in a secure digital format. In fact, we likely have many different virtual identities across a spectrum of platforms and services.

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