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    Name: Indicio

    Main: Website, Blog, Socials: Crunchbase, Linkedin, Founders: Frances Donegan-Ryan, Heather Dahl, Ken Ebert Founded: 2020-04-15 Location: USA, Washington, Seattle Sector: Enterprise Industry: ID Market: SSI Projects: VCI Tech: Indy

    Indicio is Empowering Trust

    Indicio provides companies the ability to create and manage Trusted Data Ecosystems for the exchange of high-value information and data assets, the creation of marketplaces, and the development of new business models around trusted data.

    Specializing in financial, healthcare, and travel markets, Indicio’s global decentralized network and its software and information management products enable customers all over the world to issue, hold, and verify data through encrypted digital credentials.

    Our software and infrastructure allows companies to confirm data authenticity repeatedly and efficiently from its source without the expense or risk of direct integrations. Privacy-by-design architecture simplifies data compliance and deploys continuous Zero-Trust security, boosting bottom-line profit, mitigating costly risks, and enhancing an institution’s reputation for information privacy.

    Contact us for quick implementation of trusted digital ecosystems today.


  • Prove it all with Indicio Proven
    Type: Product Date: 2022-07-20
  • Sometimes called “self-sovereign identity,” or “user-centric identity,” or “reusable identity,” the open source technology behind Proven provides an authoritative way to authenticate any data without having to check in with the source of that data — or go through a third party.

  • Indicio Launches Proven, A Complete Trusted Digital Ecosystem For Sharing Actionable, Trustworthy Data
    Parent: AccessWire Type: Press Date: 2022-07-20 Projects: Indicio Proven
  • Indicio Proven is how you get actionable data without sacrificing privacy or security, said Heather Dahl, CEO of Indicio. “What makes data actionable is that it can be trusted. You can prove its source. You can prove it hasn’t been faked or tampered with. Decentralized identity has long been seen as the solution to the interconnected problems of verification, privacy, and security. With Indicio Proven, the marketplace now has a range of ready-to-use products to implement that solution and create Trusted Digital Ecosystems for sharing and verifying data at any scale.”

  • Indicio’s Associateships: A starting point for the next generation of professionals
    Type: Post Date: 2022-03-08
  • Learning new skills in a new industry and technology is always good for growth, both Personally and professionally. It’s particularly important for those in college to be able dip their toes into different worlds off campus and get a sense of the kind of work they want—or don’t want—to pursue in life.

  • Indicio expands workshops and introduces a new certification program
    Type: Product Date: 2021-03-08
  • Looking to get up to speed in decentralized digital identity and verifiable credentials? Our custom trainings and workshops are designed to provide key insights into fundamental use cases, dive deep into the impact of the technology, and offer both technical and nontechnical audiences the opportunity to ask the questions they need to continue their education in decentralized identity. Because nothing beats learning by doing.


  • Finalist for CRN Social Impact Award
    Related: Aruba Health Department, SITA Type: Post Date: 2022-06-23 Industry: Travel Market: COVID
  • Indicio worked with SITA and the Aruban government to develop a decentralized identity solution for managing Covid testing and vaccination for travelers to the tourism-dependent island.

  • What Indicio’s Seed Funding Means for Decentralized Identity Technology
    Type: Post Date: 2022-05-04
  • Our new funding will be used to refine the open-source, decentralized-identity technology stack. We have the basic technology for a functional ecosystem, now we improve that functionality by adding all the features, user interfaces, and management tools that make it easier to deploy, use, and monitor.

  • How to Create a Trusted Digital World
    Type: Post Date: 2022-04-28
  • We’ve completed what we set out to do two years ago: finish the technology’s foundation and create a full, open source ecosystem around it. You can issue, share, and verify data through verifiable digital credentials today. You can layer this on top of your existing identity and access management systems now.

  • Privatyze collaborates with Indicio to build a decentralized data marketplace
    Related: Privatyze Type: Post Date: 2022-03-03
  • “In a data-driven economy, we need a marketplace for data that’s inclusive and not exploitative,” said Heather Dahl, CEO of Indicio. “That means that participants can meaningfully consent to data transactions and do so in a way that enables zero-trust security. This just isn’t possible without decentralized solutions, and we are excited to work with Privatyze on building this solution.

  • Indicio named by New York VC Network in their list of the most exciting early-stage teams
    Related: New York VC Network Type: Post Date: 2022-01-28
  • Indicio is proud to have been named by New York VC Network in their recently compiled list of the most exciting early-stage teams that they’ll be following closely this year!

  • Bonifii increases financial inclusion with GlobaliD digital wallet and Indicio Network
    Parent: Bonifii Type: Post Date: 2021-10-22
  • Bonifii, the financial industry’s first verifiable exchange network for financial cooperatives, today announced the Bonifii credential, a decentralized digital identity that provides underserved individuals with access to traditional banking services in a way that maximizes their privacy and security. Bonifii created the digital credential in partnership with GlobaliD, a trust platform and digital wallet. The credential is underpinned by the Indicio Network, a global network built on Hyperledger Indy for decentralized digital identity using distributed ledger technology (DLT).

  • Indicio Named Finalist in IDC’s Inaugural Best in Future of Digital Infrastructure North America Awards
    Type: Post Date: 2021-09-14
  • The finalists have effectively used digital infrastructure across on-prem, edge and public cloud platforms to transform their most important business processes and to launch new digital business innovations. They are to be congratulated for their vision and industry leadership!

  • 21 Industry leaders from five continents join Indicio Network consortium to drive global adoption of decentralized identity
    Related: GlobalID Type: Post Date: 2021-07-06
  • GlobaliD, USA; Uphold, Portugal; ID Ramp, USA; Cynjatech, USA; Finclusive, USA; Xertify, Colombia; Snowbridge Inc., Taiwan; Entrustient, USA; Bot Ventures, Inc., Canada; BlockSpaces, USA; Blockster Labs, Anonyome Labs, Australia; Selfd.id, Romania; Liquid Avatar Technologies, Canada; Snapper Future Tech, India; Lorica Identity, USA; BizSecure, USA; Networks Synergy, Kazakhstan; Absolutely Zero Cyber, USA; Cysecure, USA; VERSES Labs, USA

  • Decentralized Identity opens the doors for safe travel and tourism
    Type: Post Date: 2021-06-23
  • Machine readable governance enabled businesses and venues to trust that tourists had been tested on arrival by Aruba’s health department. Visitors using the digital Aruba Happy Traveler Card could be swiftly and reliably verified with a phone app. This freed both businesses and the government from the burden of mechanically collecting data with the attendant risk of error or fraud.

  • Paving the way to safer travel
    Type: Post Date: 2021-05-05 Industry: Travel
  • Indicio.tech, together with SITA and the Aruba Health Department, are trialing the Aruba Health App, a pilot that makes it easy for visitors to share a trusted traveler credential – based on their health status – privately and securely on their mobile device. This credential will provide access to participating hospitality sites on the island.

  • SITA, Indicio pave way to safer travel experience with launch of Aruba Health App
    Related: Aruba Health Department Parent: SITA Type: Press Date: 2021-05-05 Industry: Travel Market: COVID Projects: Aruba Health App
  • SITA, together with Indicio.tech and the Aruba Health Department, are trialing the Aruba Health App, a pilot that makes it easy for visitors to share a trusted traveler credential – based on their health status – privately and securely on their mobile device. This credential will provide access to participating hospitality sites on the island.

  • IDramp Offers Market-Ready Decentralized Identity Platform on the Indicio Network
    Parent: IDramp Type: Post Date: 2021-01-01
  • IDramp, a leader in decentralized identity products and services, announced today that it now provides market-ready solutions leveraging the Indicio Network, a professionally-run decentralized network for identity.
    IdRamp provides enterprise and government customers with digital wallets via the Passport mobile application, and on-boarding services with the IDramp Service Delivery Platform. The company has established itself as a market leader in decentralized identity. IDramp selected the Indicio Network for its reliability and expert support services.

  • Indicio.Tech Incorporates as a Public Benefit Corporation
    Type: Post Date: 2020-12-30 Standard: Public Benefit Corporation
  • Indicio joins companies such as Patagonia and Kickstarter in embracing a corporate model that aligns shareholders and stakeholders around a shared mission to deliver a material benefit to society, not only through products and services and how they are made and delivered, but through prioritizing the welfare of employees, diversity and inclusion, and environmental impact.


  • Node Operator Spotlight: Anonyome
    Related: Anonyome Type: Post Founder: Tim Spring Date: 2021-10-13
  • Each of the capabilities of the Sudo Platform is attached to a persona. This includes masked email and masked credit cards, private telephony, private and compartmentalized browsing (with ad/tracker blocker and site reputation), VPN, password management, decentralized identity and more.

  • Node Operator Spotlight: IDramp
    Related: IDramp Type: Post Founder: Tim Spring Date: 2021-10-05
  • Recently we caught up with Karl Kneis, COO of IDramp, and Eric Vinton, Chief Business Officer of IDramp, one of the first companies to become an Indicio Node Operator, to discuss their current projects, some goals for the future, and where they think decentralized identity is heading.

  • Indicio launches blockchain-enabled network for identity
    Type: Post Date: 2021-03-17 Tech: Indy
  • “Our clients asked for a stable, fully-staffed network based on Hyperledger Indy— one that could provide the  Service Level Agreements their customers need for mission-critical workloads,” said Heather Dahl, CEO of Indicio. “Today, we are excited to announce that this MainNet is open for business.”“This is the network we need to accelerate adoption of passwordless zero trust ecosystems for enterprise customers” said Mike Vesey, President of IDramp, a leader in decentralized identity and a Genesis Node Operator on the Network.

  • Become a Node Operator
    Type: Post Date: 2021-02-17
  • we’ve seen a rapid rise in demand for robust, stable, and professionally maintained networks to support decentralized identity solutions. It’s not a surprise: decentralized identity’s moment has arrived. That’s why we’ve been hard at work creating Hyperledger Indy networks upon which developers all over the world are building, testing, and launching their solutions.

  • Indicio Tech: Why we converted to a public benefit corporation
    Type: Post Date: 2021-01-11
  • The idea of a benefit corporation begins with long-simmering dissatisfaction in the argument that the only responsibility or duty a company had was to increase its profits, a claim that had been forcefully made by University of Chicago economist Milton Friedman in the New York Times magazine in 1970.


  • Making decentralized identity mainstream w Heather Dahl and Ken Ebert (Indicio)
    Parent: GlobalID Type: Episode Date: 2022-09-14
  • how new identity-based technology can help people, governments and companies develop greater digital trust in a modern society.

  • Identity Blockchains and Energy Consumption
    Type: Post Date: 2021-10-19 Tech: Bitcoin Standard: PEER:DID
  • A decentralized network using a blockchain-based distributed ledger means you can use Peer DIDs to move most “transactions” and their cryptographic proofing off ledger. This means that for those peer-to-peer interactions, identity blockchains don’t need to do any ledger transactions at all.

  • Houston we have a Problem – An Identity Problem in the Oil and Gas industry
    Parent: YouTube Type: Video Date: 2021-08-24 Policy: Biden's Cybersecurity Executive Order
    • President Biden’s cybersecurity executive order
      - The security landscape for global enterprises
      - Decentralized identity, what it is and how it fortifies existing data infrastructure
      - Case study: applying zero trust and decentralized identity to energy



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  • Name: Bonifii
    Parent: CULedger Type: Company Author(s): Darrell O'Donnell,  John Ainsworth,  Julie Esser Related: Sovrin Steward, Indicio, Over 70 Partners Date: 2017 Related: Sovrin Steward, Indicio, Over 70 Partners, Location: USA, Colorado, Denver, Market: Clients Focus: Banking
  • Bonifii is an innovative financial technology company that proactively protects credit union members from becoming victims of financial fraud by providing safe, secure, and convenient identity verification solutions.

  • Name: The Lissi wallet supports the Indicio Network
    Parent: Lissi Type: Post Related: Indicio Date: 2021-01-20 Related: Indicio Projects: Lissi Connect
  • we are committed to not only provide individuals with the choice of their favourite wallet, but also organisations with the choice of their network. We are delighted to announce that the latest version of the Lissi wallet also supports the Indicio Network.

  • Name: GlobaliD connects to the Indicio Network
    Parent: GlobalID Type: Post Related: Indicio Date: 2021-01-21 Related: Indicio Market: COVID
  • The Indicio Network will enable the issuance and verification of credentials on the GlobaliD platform and in the app, allowing individuals to port their credentials for authentication and authorization into any participating use case scenario — including vaccine passports.