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    Name: Gataca

    Main: Website, Blog, Docs, Socials: Twitter, Youtube, Crunchbase, Linkedin, Related: ESSIFLab Founders: Irene Hernandez, Samuel Gómez Founded: 2018 Location: USA, Massachusetts, Boston Sector: Enterprise Industry: ID Focus: Personal Data Standard: DID

    Gataca is a cybersecurity company founded in Boston, MA, at the heart of MIT’s entrepreneurship and innovation ecosystem. It started as an academic research study seeking to reduce the risk of doing business online. As victims of the Equifax data breach later that year, the topic became very Personal.

    We built Gataca because we knew there had to be a better way to protect our data.




  • Verifier Universal Interface by Gataca España S.L. Parent: eSSIFlab Type: Spec Date: 2021-04-09 Tech: Verifier API
  • This draft version can be found at https://Gataca-io.GitHub.io/verifier-apis/ and has been built using ReSpec.
    This draft version for VUI includes today 6 APIs:

    - Presentation Exchange
    - Consent Management
    - Schema resolution
    - Issuer resolution
    - ID resolution
    - Credential status resolution

  • This is how GATACA achieves blockchain interoperability Type: Post Date: 2021-03-2021 Tech: DID Registry
  • blockchain agnosticism is possible due to our DID registry component: all incoming activity is delegated to the DID registry with specific connections to each blockchain so that the rest of our technology components do not have to participate in the process. Other components need not know where the information persists from; they delegate that special knowledge to the DID registry and continue to perform their regular activities as usual.