Blockchain Identity Reources - TOML

This page has two toml files from infominer33/SourceCrypto embedded into it, with some help from

Wish List

  • some simple way to check against these lists, and output a list of links that have yet to be included.

  • an app that will take a list of links as the input and output a toml file with title\description automatically populated based on metadata..

that would make it a lot easier.. then I just go in and fine tune each entry.

I suppose it would make the most sense to prioritize those objectives, rather than constructing everything by hand.

Scraping a list of links from wherever I want is simple.. so really the two things are checking a list of links against a toml file(s), outputting any links not found in the db already. Another script to construct a toml file grabbing metadata.

@MaciekLaskus suggested I include authors, which is true. I believe I intended to eventually:

what’s really missing is tagging all of these resources by authors, co-authors, references/citations

once this is done, topical tags can be derived algorithmically
Enabling Author-Centric Ranking of Web Content