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  • [Whitepaper] On Guardianship in Self-Sovereign Identity 2023-04 Sovrin

    This paper, published by the Sovrin Guardianship Working Group, explores the guardianship relationship and how it fits in with the overall SSI “web of trust.” It presents risks, benefits and approaches to implementation of Guardianship for SSI use cases.

  • Let’s Go - Together!: Does international travel only ever involve independent adults? 2021-11-24 ToIP

    Applying the developed models of guardianship, using the flexibility of Verifiable Credentials and the trusted mechanisms of sharing VCs, can provide the ability to add guardianship credentials into the travel process (or not) without breaking the existing approach and complicating the technical details defined in the Blueprint.

  • Guardianship In Self-Sovereign Identity 2020-11-30 The Dingle Group

    While there are long standing legal precedents and processes around the assignment, management and revocation of guardianships, these requirements were not met by existing digital identity management solutions. With SSI, this mechanism now exists. SSI can work in conjunction with traditional identity and credential management systems while being able to integrate into existing legal processes and provides a robust mechanism for revocation.

  • [Video] Vienna Digital Identity Meetup #17 2020-11-23 Digital Identity from Vienna

    Guardianship is a complex topic, with many subtleties and layers […]  In this first event on this topic, Philippe has provided an overview of how SSI and Guardianship fit together and how SSI meets the lifecycle stages (Inception, Creation, Usage and Termination) of guardianship.



  • Practical Verifiable Encryption and Decryption of Discrete Logarithms 2003 Jan Camenisch & Victor Shoup

    This is the first verifiable encryption system that provides chosen ciphertext security and avoids inefficient cut-and-choose proofs. The presented protocols have numerous applications, including key escrow, optimistic fair exchange, publicly verifiable secret and signature sharing, universally composable commitments, group signatures, and confirmer signatures.