Ethereum Identity Specs and Apps

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Specifications, Literature, (d)Apps, and GitHub Repositories






  • Spidchain [wp]
    • “offers a platform for self-sovereign identity, including desktop and mobile apps for end-users. It uses Decentralized Identifiers (DIDs) - backed by optionally Bitcoin or Ethereum - to implement a marketplace for verifiable claims. The Spidchain applications allow individuals to create, recover, and revoke DIDs, to authenticate, to sign and verify files and claims, and more.”
  • Spid-Eth GitHub Repos


Assorted Ethereum Apps

  • Deloitte SmartID [G]
    • “Smart Identity uses the Ethereum blockchain to represent an identity using a smart contract, attributes can be added by the identity owner and are stored in hash form”
  • Nuggets [wp]
    • “is a blockchain platform giving users a single biometric tool for login, payment and identity verification. It stores an individual’s information in a “personal cloud” in “zero-knowledge blockchain storage”.
  •[D] POA Network is an Ethereum-based platform that offers an open-source framework for smart contracts. POA Network is a sidechain to Ethereum utilizing Proof of Authority as its consensus mechanism.