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    Name: Spruce Systems

    Main: Website, Blog, Socials: Crunchbase, Linkedin, Founders: Gregory Rocco, Jacob Blish, Wayne Chang Founded: 2020-05-13 Location: USA, New York, New York Sector: Enterprise Industry: ID

    Spruce is building a future where users own their identity and data across all digital interactions. Our open-source credentialing infrastructure is standards-compliant, production-ready, and extensible into typical enterprise and government IT systems


  • Spruce Developer Update #23 Type: Post Date: 2022-09-06 Tech: Ethereum, Kepler, DIDKit, Rebase
  • Updates on Sign in with Ethereum, Kepler, DIDKit, Rebase

  • Spruce Developer Update #21 Type: Post Date: 2022-07-07 Tech: Ethereum
  • We’re currently working on a new, ergonomic way to use Sign-In with Ethereum and session management for applications, and are currently in the process of setting up beta testing. If you’re interested in trying this out, please get in touch.

  • Spruce Developer Update #19 Type: Post Date: 2022-05-04 Tech: Ethereum
    • Sign-In with Ethereum offers a new self-custodial option for users who wish to assume more control
      - Kepler is a decentralized storage network organized around data overlays called Orbits. Kepler allows users to Securely share their digital credentials, private files, and sensitive media to blockchain accounts, all using a Web3 wallet
  • Sign in with Ethereum Type: Project Date: 2021-10-01 Tech: Ethereum, Sign in with Ethereum
  • Already used throughout Web3, this is an effort to standardize the method with best practices and to make it easier for web2 services to adopt it.

  • Spruce Developer Update #8 Type: Post Date: 2021-04-06
    • “We are currently working on a project that will enable creator authenticity for digital assets including NFTs.”
      - “focused on advancing did-tezos as the first formally verified DID Method.”
      - DIDKit Updates
      - Credible Updates
  • Credible Type: Post Date: 2020-10-07
  • Spruce’s native credential wallet for the consumption, storage, and presentation of Verifiable Credentials on Android and iOS.


  • Spruce At Graph Hack 2022 Type: Post Date: 2022-06-17 Location: San Francisico Event: Graph Hack 2022
  • Earlier this month, The Graph hosted Graph Hack at the Palace of Fine Arts in San Francisco. Graph Hack was a three-day hackathon, bringing together developers to kickstart the latest dapps and ideas featuring a mix of on and off-chain data via a variety of impactful use-cases.

  • Decentralized Identity Startup Spruce Wants to Help Users Control their Sign-In Data Related: Ethereum Foundation, Ethereum Name Service Parent: TechCrunch Type: Post Date: 2022-04-20 Tech: Sign in with Ethereum
  • The company won an RFP from the Ethereum Foundation and Ethereum Name Service (ENS) to develop a standardized “sign-in with Ethereum” feature that could be interoperable with web2 identity systems […] to let [users] control what information a platform receives about them when they sign in rather than automatically surrendering the data to the platform.

  • Founders in Focus: Wayne Chang of Spruce Related: Okta, Wayne Chang Parent: MarketScreener Type: Post Date: 2022-04-20
  • Each month we highlight one of the founders of Okta Ventures’ portfolio companies. You’ll get to know more about them and learn how they work with Okta.

  • Spruce Raises $34M to Unbundle the Login for a User-Controlled Web Type: Post Date: 2022-04-20 Tech: Sign in with Ethereum
  • With the new funding, Spruce will spearhead research in cutting-edge privacy and usability technology for identity, grow its product teams, and continue to execute on partnerships across the ecosystem.

  • Spruce sets the bar for sovereign identity storage options, secures $7.5M Parent: VentureBeat Type: Post Date: 2021-11-02
  • Spruce, a service that allows users to control their data across the web, has raised $7.5 million. The company builds open source, open standard developer tools helping users collect and control their data across the web. It helps prevent NFT frauds and defines access rules for decentralized



  • Keylink Type: Code Date: 2023-01-01 Tech: DPKI Standard: OpenID Connect, FIDO2
  • Keylink is an in-development tool that links system accounts to keys. Accounts are authenticated using combinations of widely adopted protocols such as OpenID Connect and FIDO2. Keys can range from cryptographic keys to API credentials. Keylink can gradually bootstrap PKI within existing complex IT systems. It supports a centralized PKI operating mode that can evolve into decentralized PKI, and further coordinates with existing PKI and KMS installations.

  • Introducing TreeLDR: A Canopy Across Your Data Schema Dreams Type: Post Date: 2022-08-26 Projects: TreeLDR
  • TreeLDR is an open-source developer tool with a DSL that makes managing data schemas as easy as defining data structures in your favorite (sane) statically-typed language.

  • DIDKit Type: Code Date: 2020-11-13
  • a cross-platform toolkit for working with W3C Decentralized Identifiers (DIDs) and Verifiable Credentials (VCs).

  • Spruce Systems introduces DIDKit Type: Post Date: 2020-11-13 Tech: DIDKit Standard: DID, Verifiable Credentials
  • DIDKit is a cross-platform toolkit for working with W3C Decentralized Identifiers (DIDs) and Verifiable Credentials (VCs). It allows you to resolve and manage DID documents, and also manage the entire lifecycle of Verifiable Credentials including their issuance, presentation, and verification.