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  • Top 8 Identity Challenges After an Merger and Acquisition 2022-06-20 RadiantLogic

    If you’re on the IT team, your headaches are just beginning as you’ll be responsible for integrating the new employees into your current tech and identity stack. You’ll be faced with multiple identity sources, a new identity governance and administration (IGA) solution to look at, various LDAP and Active Directory (AD) data sources to deal with, and several cloud applications that use various single sign-on (SSO) solutions to federate identity.

  • Industry-Grade Self-Sovereign Identity: On the Realisation of a Fully Distributed Self-Sovereign Identity Architecture 2021-08-30 Chotkan, Rowdy TU Delft

    revocation acceptance is at the discretion of individual clients, making our mechanism fully adhere to the principles of Self-Sovereignty. This revocation and verification structure is part of our Industry-Grade Self-Sovereign Identity (IG-SSI) architecture. IG-SSI is a purely academic fully distributed SSI scheme with intrinsic equality across the network. Furthermore, communication is facilitated peer-to-peer, requiring no specialised infrastructure.

  • Seven Ways Self-Sovereign Identity Can Enable True Digital Transformation 2021-03-12 Evernym

    “Self-Sovereign Identity not only presents an opportunity for businesses to build smarter, more secure, and more scalable relationships with customers; but it will enable them to completely rethink how they build trusted digital relationships from the ground up.”

    We expect Digital Transformation to be a more prevalent talking point around digital identity. FOMO can go a long way, to sell SII, for Goverments and Corporations striving to not be left behind in the digital age.

  • Who Controls Your Digital Identity? 2021-02-18 SAP

    SSI will have to be integrated with large existing business processes – and therefore enterprise systems such as ERPs, HCMs, or SCMs to name a few. If this integration results in SSI being as easy to use as clicking a button or selecting a menu item, it will lead to rapid uptake and acceptance.

  • Just ask 2021 Werd

    We’d get the startup founders to figure out the biggest assumptions they were making across user risk (do people want this?), business risk (can this be the center of a viable business?), and feasibility risk (can we build this in a scalable way with the time, team, and resources potentially at our disposal?). And then we’d ask them to go out and figure out how to de-risk those assumptions in the real world, usually by talking to experts and asking smart questions.

  • Officially a Technical Provider for Enterprise Solutions through Cointelegraph Consulting 2020-11-04 Ontology

    Cointelegraph has quietly established itself as a legitimate mediator between established enterprises and blockchain technology providers.

  • Decentralized identity: The key to the digital era? 2020-10-28 Venture Beat

    They quote ForresterToday’s digital identity frameworks are centralized, suffer from a lack of trust, aren’t portable, and don’t give consumers control.

    They touch on a new acronym saying : enterprise-level thinking around next-generation authentication is focused on initiatives such as SPIFFE, the Secure Production Identity Framework For Everyone

  • What Does Self-Sovereign Identity Mean For My Business? 2017-09-22 Continuum Loop
    • What will happen if I don’t jump on this train?
    • What would it mean if I didn’t have to own my customer’s digital identity but establish a deep digital relationship with them instead?
    • Do I have the capacity to learn about this? If not, who do you trust to figure it out – both on the business and technical sides.
    • What changes when digital identity becomes a revenue driver and asset for your business? (hint: top and bottom line)
    • Which of my competitors is probably already doing this?

Business Models

  • Why plastic cards are a model for verifiable credentials as a service 2022-08-16 Lockstep

    The plastic card paradigm has some powerful features which are instructive for the emerging VCs-as-a-service industry.

    • A competitive market of card personalisation bureaus, providing custom production, magnetic stripe encoding, and card distribution and activation, all in commercial bundles which can be purchased by government agencies, banks, professional associations, universities, driver licence bureaus, and so on. On the rear of many plastic cards, the card manufacturer is indicated in fine print. It may well be that the same manufacturer produced your credit cards and government cards.
  • Subscriptification 2022-07-15 Doc Searls

    Let’s start with what happened to TV.

    For decades, all TV signals were “over the air,” and free to be watched by anyone with a TV and an antenna.

  • Decentralized Business Model 2021-04-28 Stepan Gershuni

    How reduction in transaction costs influence evolution in digital business models

  • SSI Business Models and Go-to-Market 2021-03-01

    I’m focusing on the business model and go-to-market aspects.

    What are some limitations and opportunities for making profitable business in self-sovereign identity?

  • Making Money with SSI 2020-10-20 Trinsic
    • How to go from a use case to a business case
    • Overcoming common adoption challenges
    • How Trinsic can help you build a successful SSI business

Business Value

  • Can Self-Sovereign Identity Deliver Business Value? 2022-04-19 Walton College

    As Mary Lacity and Erran Carmel explore in their whitepaper, “Implementing Self-Sovereign Identity (SSI) for a digital staff passport at UK NHS,” the lessons learned by the NHS may point towards ways of unlocking new business value.

  • Decentralized ID Management Business Value of SSI 2021-04-22 Heather Dahl, Ken Ebert Indicio

    The decentralized workforce is also fueling demand for self-sovereign identity, Dahl says. “When you physically decentralize your workforce in society, the need for identity becomes more important.” She says increasing concerns about protecting privacy are “pushing organizations to consider identity solutions that don’t involve correlation and don’t involve third-party tracking but also provide the security.”

  • How SSI Can Make Any Platform a ‘Super App’ 2021-01-20 Bloom

    Companies that support a Verifiable Credential Issuance standard can provide audited and truthful information to any third party on behalf of and with specific permission from their customers. For example, a bank could provide proof-of-funds in the form of a digitally verified credential document, that can then be used as a source of truth to instantly initiate a mortgage application, or a real estate purchase offer.

  • On Self-Sovereign Identity: What’s the Business Value of SSI? 2019-11-29 Hackernoon

    To businesses, immediate value comes from removal of the costly and challenging GDPR compliance. Forbes reports that in 2018 in the UK alone $1,1 billion was spent by companies on GDPR preparation, while US companies allocated over $7.8 billion on protecting customers’ personal information.

Use Cases

  • Sellafield DLT Field Lab Harnessing the power of distributed ledger technology: how Digital Catapult’s Field Lab methodology can transform your business 2022-07 Condatis

    The nuclear sector presents an exciting opportunity to implement advanced digital technologies for driving operational improvements and cultural transformation. Our DLT Field Labs showed how some of the challenges that seemed perplexing at the start of our journey have been deciphered through innovation and collaboration.

  • Blockchains in HR: Prosoon and Talao go together on SSI and HR credentials 2022-01-31 Talao

    This partnership will enable the use of Blockchain and Self-Sovereign Identity technologies such as verifiable credentials to enable the support of diplomas and professional certifications in compliance with personal data in a decentralized environment (#web3).

  • Is the Self-Sovereign digital identity the future digital business registry? 2021-12-17 GORAN VRANIC, ANDREJA MARUSIC; WorldBank

    This rapid digitalization of the private sector exposed a challenge in the business registration paradigm. To use private digital platforms for e-Logistics or e-Commerce, SMEs have to register and confirm their identity with these platforms, despite already being identified in the government business registry.

  • Exploring Potential Impacts of Self-Sovereign Identity on Smart Service Systems 2021-04-29 Daniel Richter Dresden, Jürgen Anke

    At the core of our conceptual analysis is the service process, which we extract from a reference model. Based on a SWOT analysis, we identify areas for transformation and derive an SSI-enabled interaction model for an electric vehicle charging service. The evaluation of the new process shows that SSI can reduce complexity of integration with partners and can provide a better customer experience through simplified registration and authentication.

  • [literature] Decentralized SSI Governance, the missing link in automating business decisions 2021-01-15 Rieks Joosten, Sterre den Breeijen, Drummond Reed Evernym, TNO
    • Self-sovereign identity could save time and money on bureaucratic processes (form filling and validation) by automating business decisions.
    • Business decisions require governance to ensure the data used for making them qualifies (is valid) for that purpose, and continuously remains compliant with laws, regulations, and company policies (which regularly change).
    • Companies could share this governance burden by supporting communities that support the provisioning of SSI-related assurances for their specific purposes.
    • Such (focused) assurance communities could be supported by tools like credential catalogs and accreditation credentials. We hope this paper inspires SSI proponents to develop not only real SSI infrastructure, but also assurance mechanisms for exchanging qualified data.



  • Career Advice for New Professionals in Identity 2021-05-06 Megan Olsen

    IIW trying to imagine what’s the proven stuff for 5 years down the road, start designing it now. Bleeding edge of digital identity in some respects. Other pockets of the internet where you can find where the innovators are doing stuff. Most 95% of companies in Identity trying to get some enterprise(s) properly connected, wired up. Industry, IAM. Consider as two separate fields. Identity research, science - vs. Identity Operations. Most work in Identity is Identity Operations and Business practice.


  • How to rewrite a press release: a step-by-step guide 2022-08-13 Jon Udell

    Lead with key benefits. The release features two: support for diplex-matched antennas and faster workflow. The original headline mentions only the first, I added the second.

    Clarify modifiers. A phrase like “diplex matched antennas” is ambiguous. Does “matched” modify “diplex” or “antennas”? The domain is unfamiliar to me, but I suspected it should be “diplex-matched” and a web search confirmed that hunch.

    Omit needless words. The idea of faster workflow appears in the original first paragraph as “new efficiencies aimed at streamlining antenna design workflows and shortening design cycles.” That’s a long, complicated, yet vague way of saying “enables designers to work faster.”

  • Writing for Verifiable Credentials Marketing Workshop 2022-03-24 Indicio

    An Interactive workshop designed to uncover the winning strategies, and pitfalls to avoid, when communicating decentralized identity to customers, internal stakeholders, and the world.

Market Signals