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  • Australia and state govts agree on digital ID, credential sharing deal 2023-02-27

    “There is a lot more work to be done and plenty of consultations to undertake, but we understand that as we increasingly rely on digital technology as part of our everyday lives, the government has a responsibility to ensure we can offer a digital ID system that is voluntary, efficient and meets people’s needs and most importantly offers the highest security for their personal information,” Senator Gallagher told AFR for a report in the run-up to the meeting with states and territories.

  • Why the future of Australia’s digital identity system is self-sovereign 2022-12-05 Forbes AU

    The truth is, we’re not far from achieving an SSI system. There are many organisations already offering leveraging products underpinned by SSI principles, such as ConnectID from Australian Payments (previously EFTPOS) and perhaps one of the most complete and available market offerings is Datakeeper.

  • Government pushes for digital identity system after Optus hack 2022-10-04

    After drifting for years, the Optus breach has highlighted the need for a national digital identity system that would make it easier for businesses to verify a person’s identity and eliminate the need for companies to collect licence and passport numbers in the first place.

  • Australian “Tough to forge” digital driver’s license is… easy to forge 2022-05

    The technique for overcoming these safeguards is surprisingly simple. The key is the ability to brute-force the PIN that encrypts the data. Since it’s only four digits long, there are only 10,000 possible combinations. Using publicly available scripts and a commodity computer, someone can learn the correct combination in a matter of a few minutes, as this video, showing the process on an iPhone, demonstrates.

  • Australia’s National Digital ID is here, but the government’s not talking about it 2020-01-27

    It might have been reasonable to keep the National Digital ID project quiet when it launched, but a lot has changed in the past five years.

    For example, some localities in Canada and Switzerland, faced with similar challenges, chose an alternative to the federated model for their Digital ID systems. Instead, they used the principles of what is called Self Sovereign Identity (SSI).

  • An introduction to Self-Sovereign Identity Australian Payments Network 2019

    At our 2018 Australian Payments Summit we heard from John Phillips, of 460degrees, a passionate advocate working to raise awareness and execution of Self-Sovereign Identity (SSI).

    We recently sat down with John to discuss SSI, and how he believes it could benefit both the payments industry and financial sector.


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