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  • The Trust Economy in a Future New Zealand 2021-06-16

    My interest was first piqued when I came across three videos on YouTube from Rachel BotsmanJordan Perterson and Philipp Kristian Diekhöner.

    Trust has always been at the centre of society overall and commerce in particular.  There’s a reason why during the first industrial revolution banks always built the most impressive, secure looking buildings in town – so you trusted them to deposit you money there!

  • Towards a Better Digital Identity Trust Framework in Aotearoa Digital Identity NZ 2022-09-21

    It’s a great pleasure to share with you DINZ Reflections Report, a seminal piece of work that DINZ’s Digital Identity Trust Framework working group has developed over several months.

  • Aotearoa’s digital identity journey that leaves no-one behind DigitalID NZ 2022-05-18

    IEUDI, together with DINZ’s Te Kāhui Te Tiriti O DINZ and Digital Identity Services Trust Framework (DISTF) work groups, detail the scope of DINZ’s mahi this year and into 2023 in pursuit of its mission – to create a digital identity ecosystem that enhances privacy, trust and improves access for all people in New Zealand. […]

    The DISTF WG met last week also, to discuss the Select Committee’s report following the submissions, containing its recommended changes to the Bill prior to its Second Reading.

  • Honouring Te Tiriti in our work 2021-11-18 DigitalNZ

    We understand that our responsibility to guide conversations and decisions relating to digital identity means that we must acknowledge and understand Māori perspectives of identity. We also seek to engage with the Māori communities we serve to ensure that we are working in partnership and that mana whenua have the agency to inform our future. Draft Statement of Intent; Te Tiriti o Waitangi at DINZ

  • A key place for Identity in the Digital Strategy for Aotearoa < - Colin Wallis will now head Digital Identity.nz 2021-10-05

    Our government is embarking on a journey to create A Digital Strategy for Aotearoa that seeks to respond to the social, economic, education and cultural opportunities from digital technology, along with the risks that these technologies can bring.

  • The Trust Economy in a Future New Zealand 2021-06-16

    Now with the 4th industrial (digital) revolution the old vertical, siloed trust models are breaking down and we are moving to a more horizontal, distributed environment.

  • Leading the digital trust conversation DI NewZealand 2022-07-15

    the Digital Identity Services Trust Framework Act has the potential to provide a game-changing regulatory foundation for the identification and authentication components of services delivered through the digital channel.  Those services that choose to be independently audited for compliance against the Framework’s security and privacy oriented rules and standards to become accredited, would then be able to differentiate those digital service brands through displaying an accreditation mark.

  • Postcard from the UK DIGITAL IDENTITY NEW ZEALAND 2022-06-20

    It is on this last point that I do see a slight gap between the UK and Aotearoa. In the UK and in Europe more generally there seems to be more awareness of, and a sense of urgency around, the vulnerability of mobile smartphones, given the expectation that they will be the device of choice for most people to download digital identity related wallet apps.


  • New Report on Limits of “Consent” in New Zealand’s Data Protection Law 2022-06 Future of Privacy Forum report
    • notice and consent requirements for processing personal data in New Zealand’s data protection law;
    • the status of alternative legal bases for processing personal data which permit processing of personal data without consent if the data controller undertakes a risk impact assessment (e.g., legitimate interests); and
    • statutory bases for processing personal data without consent and exceptions or derogations from consent requirements in-laws and regulations.
  • Summary of Public Engagement of the Digital Strategy for Aotearoa discussion document 2022-04-12 New Zealand Govt.

    Several submitters commented that it has been too long since the last Digital Strategy was delivered in 2008. Some also commented on the timeliness of the Strategy as the government, businesses and communities were responding to the COVID-19 pandemic, especially with the current focus, both domestically and internationally, on looking to build back better and lay the foundations for a better future.


    In April 2022, DINZ launched a broad-scope members’ Working Group in response to the increasing challenges for some groups in society to participate fully in Aotearoa’s digital transformation, with the aim of providing baseline supporting guidance to inform policy and service design.

  • DINZ’s annual Consumer Research 2020-06 Digital Identity NZ

    ‘Do the best you can until you know better. Then when you know better, do better.’ These wise words from Maya Angelou encapsulate the key findings from our 2020 trust and identity research.

  • [Survey Results] Providing a Benchmark Understanding of Digital Identity Among New Zealanders 2019-05 DigitalIDNZ

     found 85 percent of respondents said there was a lack of transparency, as well as concern in having to share data with so many organisations.


  • 2022 Executive Council nominations now open Digital Identity NZ 2022-10-06

    In December 2019, members elected the first Digital Identity NZ Executive Council. The Council is the governing group for the association; providing guidance and direction as we navigate the developing world of digital identity in Aotearoa. Each Council member is elected for a two-year term, with elections held annually and results notified at the Annual Meeting in December. So, as we approach the end of the year it is time for us to call for nominations for the Council seats coming up for re-election.

  • DINZ held the first Aotearoa Digital Identity Hui Taumata 2020-12-07

    Bianca Lopes and David Birch shared with us their International perspectives and insights, including a whirlwind Identity world tour hosted by Bianca and her team at Talle.