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Self Sovereign Identity (SSI)

It would seem that Christopher Allen’s The Path to Self-Sovereign Identity is still the most comprehensive introduction to the subject of Self Sovereign Identity. It outlines some of the underlying history, and introduces 10 Principles of Self-Sovereign Identity, born from the collective thoughts...

Updated: 2020-11-02 4 minute read

Laws of Identity
Rebooting WoT
Self Sovereign Identity

How would self-sovereign identity work for the user?

From A gentle introduction to self-sovereign-identity by @antonylewis. A good example of a basic necessary SSI explainer. You would have an app on a smartphone or computer, some sort of “identity wallet” where identity data would be stored on the hard drive of your device, or with an agent of you...

Updated: 2019-07-08 2 minute read

Self Sovereign Identity

A Comparison Between SSI Principles, and Characteristics

‘No disrespect to Christopher Allen’s opening to the conversation, The Path to Self Sovereign Identity ‐ Christopher Allen 2016‐path‐to‐self‐soverereign‐identity.html It gets a lot right, but leaves a few requirements out, e.g., recoverability and zero...

Updated: 2020-01-05 10 minute read

Laws of Identity
Rebooting WoT
Self Sovereign Identity
UN Agenda - Sustainable Development

Hyperledger Indy Resources

Hyperledger Indy provides tools, libraries, and reusable components for providing digital identities rooted on blockchains or other distributed ledgers so that they are interoperable across administrative domains, applications, and any other silo. Indy is interoperable with other blockchains or c...

Updated: 2019-07-10 2 minute read

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