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  • [Directory] Global Verifiable Credential Adoption 2023-07-05 Trinsic

    🔥 This is a community resource for tracking the adoption of verifiable credentials around the world. Please have a look around and join 10+ others who have contributed!

  • [Curated List] animo/awesome-self-sovereign-identity/ 2023-07-07 Animo

    An awesome list of self-sovereign identity resources.

  • [Publication] SSI Meetup 2023-06-20 [Slides] [Videos]

    To create Self-Sovereign Identity, knowledge tools and empower SSI evangelists around the world to set-up their own local communities without boundaries. The only focus is to make SSI happen with Blockchain & other technologies.

  • [Curated List] karimStekelenburg/awesome-self-sovereign-identity 2023-06-07 Karim Stekelnburg

    An awesome list of self-sovereign identity resources.

  • [Wiki] IIW-Wiki 2023-01-05 IDCommons [Past Workshop Proceedings]

    The Internet Identity Workshop has been finding, probing and solving identity issues twice every year since 2005. We meet in the Computer History Museum in Mountain View, CA. Every IIW moves topics, code and projects downfield. Name an identity topic and it’s likely that more substantial discussion and work has been done at IIW than any other conference!

  • [Collection] WebOfTrustInfo/self-sovereign-id/ 2022-12-07 Rebooting Web of Trust

    Articles and documents associated with designing and implementing identity technology using self-sovereign identity principles

  • [Course] Getting Started with Self-Sovereign Identity 2022-10-05 Kaliya & Lucy via Linux Foundation and EdX

    Gain a solid foundation on self-sovereign identity (SSI) with a 360 degree overview of its evolutionary journey, key concepts, standards, technological building blocks, use cases, real-world examples and implementation considerations.

  • [Directory] The open SSI / DID Directory 2022-09-24 Open DID \ SSI Directory

    Important: This directory is here for all of us to learn. You do not have to be technical to contribute, but we expect you to do your research before you contribute. We are blockchain agnostic.

  • [Curated List] peacekeeper/blockchain-identity 2021-11-23 Markus Sabadello
  • [Book] Self-Sovereign Identity : Decentralized digital identity and verifiable credentials 2021-05 Manning

    It combines a clear, jargon-free introduction to this blockchain-inspired paradigm shift with interesting essays written by its leading practitioners. Whether for property transfer, ebanking, frictionless travel, or personalized services, the SSI model for digital trust will reshape our collective future.

  • [Wiki] wiki.idcommons.net 2014-08-17 IIW IDCommons

    We are a community of groups working on addressing the social, legal and technical issues that arise with the emerging, identity, data and social layer of the internet.


  • Phil Windley - Tags: identity 2023-06-26 [Videos]

    Phil Windley is a Senior Software Development Manager at AWS Identity. He is also the co-founder and organizer of the Internet Identity Workshop. […] He was the Founding Chair of the Sovrin Foundation serving from 2016 to 2020, writes the popular Technometria blog, and is the author of the books Learning Digital Identity (O’Reilly, Media 2023), The Live Web (Course Technology, 2011), and Digital Identity (O’Reilly Media, 2005). Phil has been a computer science professor at BYU and the University of Idaho, founder and CTO of several internet technology companies, and served as CIO for the State of Utah.

  • Identity Woman 2023-06-13

    Kaliya Young (formerly Hamlin) is an expert in self-sovereign identity and identity on the blockchain. She is the co-author of a Comprehensive guide to Self-Sovereign Identity and is widely known as Identity Woman (its also the name of her blog and her twitter handle). She is committed her life to the development of an open standards based layer of the internet that empowers people.

  • Identity Woman in Business 2023-05-31

    We provide consulting and advisory services to organizations across the world to help them succeed in adopting, developing and investing in Decentralized ID.

  • Identity Blog 2020-08-24 Kim Cameron

    Many readers will already know that I retired from Microsoft after twenty years working as Chief Architect of Identity and other related roles. I had a great time there, and Microsoft adopted the Laws of Identity in 2005 at a time when most tech companies were still under dark influence of “Privacy is Dead”, building systems destined to crash at endless cost into a privacy-enabled future.