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  • What Do NFTs Do Well? 2022-03-09 Indicio

    NFTs are technologically interesting as a way of proving ownership and facilitating value transfer; but they are problematic if applied to proving a person’s identity.

  • Three thoughts about NFTs 2022-03-03 Doc Searls

    There’s a thread in a list I’m on titled “NFTs are a Scam.” I know too little about NFTs to do more than dump here three thoughts I shared on the list in response to a post that suggested that owning digital seemed to be a mania of some kind. Here goes…

  • Kaliya and Seth talk about Privacy, Anonymity, Pseudonymity & NFTs 2021-03 PSA Today

    how do issues of identity and anonymity play out in the world of creating and collecting digital art and collectibles on the blockchain.

  • Ideals meet Implementations - Blockchains, NFTs, Decentralization, Oh My! 2022-01-25 Anil John CCG Mailer

    Given the continuous discussions around centralization/de-centralization in our community, I found this essay by Moxie Marlinspike …


  • Why the SSI community should embrace million dollar apes 2022-04-11 Animo

    someone opened his door using Ethereum. As a self-sovereign identity developer […] this is hilarious. I can think of ten ways to open your door that are more secure. But I believe there’s more to these stories. These people are coming up with solutions that are in line with most of the core values we in the SSI space have been working on for years.

  • Avatars as Self Sovereign Digital Identity 2022-02-13 653.ETH

    avatars (the visualisation of self-sovereign identities) go beyond simply providing users with further ownership and control over their cryptographically secure identities, by offering an end-to-end application ecosystem designed to facilitate the commerce and exchange of digital and physical services

  • NFTs, the Metaverse, and Digital Identity 2021-11-03 ContinuumLoop

    Imagine a 3D immersive environment along the lines of Second Life. You “decorate” your “home” with “art”. You pop up an obligatory Persistence of Memory Dali print. But is it “real” and what does real even mean? In the physical realm, we know that this is only one original, which is at the MOMA in NYC. But what about the various quality prints that I can buy – at the MOMA, on Amazon, on the street.

  • NFTs, Verifiable Credentials, and Picos 2021-10-11 Phil Windley

    Summary: The hype over NFTs and collectibles is blinding us to their true usefulness as trustworthy persistent data objects. How do they sit in the landscape with verifiable credentials and picos? Listening to this Reality 2.0 podcast about NFTs with Doc Searls, Katherine Druckman, and their guest Greg Bledsoe got me thinking about NFTs.

  • NFTs and the need for Self-Sovereign Identity 2021-04-13 Gimly

    we describe how self-sovereign identity (SSI) can be the solution to verify the origin and legitimacy of an NFT and its linked object, and we invite you to join Gimly and bitcoin artist Petek @RaydarRayne on our journey to fulfill the potential of NFTs for digital and physical artists alike.

  • SSI for NFTs with Caspar Roelofs from Gimly 2021-05-26 SSI Orbit Podcast

    That’s definitely one of the ideas that I’m exploring for more longer-term. […] to have an embedded a private key in a secure element within the IOT device, and be able to verify the identity or the source of your IOT data through an SSI mechanism. That’s the longer-term, broader vision when talking about the supply chain, for sure.

Verifiable Credentials vs NFT + SBT


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