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  • Meeco Whitepaper- Zero Knowledge Proofs of the modern digital lifefor access, control, delegation and consent of identity andpersonal data

    The Meeco solution provides access, control, delegation and consent from the perspective of the individual user. Meeco enables people (data subjects)to provide their own verified records and controlled consent. This API-of-Me allows Meeco to provide a meta-data driven attribute wallet with no knowledge of the data to any authenticated identity of a user,which in turn enables an auditable personal-event chain of data interactions at scale.

  • European Strategy for Datadata

    A Meeco Review of the European Strategy for Data Communication from the European Commission on February 19th, 2020

  • Meeco Positioned as Leader in Personal Identity Products in One World Identity’s Identity Industry Landscape

    Meeco has been recognized as a leader in Personal Identity Products. Meeco is a GDPR compliant multi-sided personal data platform to offer personalised solutions and channels to build trust. Organisations can incorporate Meeco’s secure data enclave inside existing applications to create value for customers by simplifying onboarding and personalising experiences. This balance of Me2B and B2Me, enabling new privacy enhanced business models to emerge, is core to Meeco’s unique position in the emerging personal data market.

  • Meeco joins RegTech Association of Australia

    History has shown us that at times of national emergency, personal rights and freedoms are often traded for the greater good. Whilst these measures may be appropriate in the eye of the storm, society is often left with the legacy of less than optimal freedoms when life becomes more stable.

    One of the tools we have at our disposal is the rise of RegTech; specifically, the ability to implement greater monitoring, governance and separation of concerns that can help society balance between what we need to know, and the hard-fought freedoms of global citizens.

  • Katryna Dow Named as a Top 100 Identity Influencer

    Katryna has been pioneering personal data rights since 2002, when she envisioned a time when personal sovereignty, identity and contextual privacy would be as important as being connected. Now within the context of GDPR and Open Banking, distributed ledger, cloud, AI and IoT it has never been so important to make sure identity works for us all.

  • Understanding the difference between Identity, Authentication and Authorisation
    • Identity is the answer to the “Who am I?” or “What am I?” question.
    • Authentication is about asking can I trust who or what this is?
    • Authorisation follows authentication to determine what services are available to the trusted party.
  • Advancing human-centric personal data: MyData 2016 powered by MeCast

    For conference attendees, whether participating in-person, or engaging with the MyData community in the comfort of your home or office, MyData 2016 powered by MeCast is the hub of personal data activity, conversation, thought leadership and action throughout August and September.

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