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  • [Video] SSI Report - Interoperability 2022-08-18 RootsID

    Interoperability is the ultimate challenge of a Decentralized Self-Sovereign Identity. Hyperledger Aries is hosting an Interopathon to showcase all the work their community has done to promote Interoperability. We have also started discussions about a standard import/export format that would further improve interop across identity agents.

  • Digital Credentials and Self Sovereign Identity Workstream 2022-08 INTABA (report

    The objective of this workstream was to examine the technology and policy landscapes for digital credentials of INATBA-Governmental Advisory Body (GAB) members, identify the commonalities and gaps, and then develop recommendations for enabling interoperability and mutual support for digital credentials across borders.

  • Trust, Verifiable Credentials, and Interoperability 2022-03 Helen Garneau, Indicio

    Accurate labeling, interoperability profiles, and testing are urgently needed to drive interoperability and scale decentralized identity, says a new white paper from Indicio Seven aspects of interoperability

    1. DID methods
    2. Content encryption key types
    3. Communication protocols
    4. Credential format and signature types
    5. Credential access / storage (wallet)
    6. Credential protocols and coordination formats
    7. Compatible governance / trust
  • Ugh! There’s an App for That! 2021-10 Phil Windley

    Interoperability is a fundamental property of tech systems that are generative and respect individual privacy and autonomy. And, as a bonus, it makes people’s live easier!

  • Interoperability is Not a Choice 2021-03-24 Transmute

    Interoperability moves from theory to reality when companies have meaningful ability to choose. It is predicated on open standards foundations that enable easy movement of data and vendors.

    Our team was proud to participate in the US Department of Homeland Security Silicon Valley Innovation Program Interoperability Plug-fest this month. DHS SVIP has been leading the charge on interoperability for years now, putting their funding and networks on the table to lead the charge.

  • Different approaches to Interoperability 2020-12-21 Daniel Hardman, Evernym

    Several VC ecosystems have grown up around the VC spec. Each touts standards compliance and interoperability, yet they do not currently interoperate with one another. Let’s have a look at their differences and commonalities, and then explore a simple proposal that might make which language your VCs “speak” as transparent as which language you choose when you watch a movie.

  • Prioritizing Individual Sovereignty over Interoperability 2019-04-26 Jolocom and Danube tech

    While we see the potential to enable interoperability with actors that do not put control in the hands of the subject of the digital identity, we must ensure that this interoperability on a technical level does not undermine the Design Goals that guided the creation of decentralized identifiers in the first place.


  • Open API for Interoperable Traceability 2023-06-21 CCG

    resolve:dids - Grants permission to resolve DIDsissue:credentials - Grants permission issue Verifiable Credentialsverify:credentials - Grants permission verify Verifiable Credentialsread:credentials - Grants permission to get Verifiable Credentialsupdate:credentials - Grants permission to update the status of Verifiable Credentialsprove:presentations - Grants permission to prove Verifiable Presentationsverify:presentations - Grants permission verify Verifiable Presentationssubmit:presentations - Grants permission to submit Verifiable Presentations

Interoperability Plug-fest