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Identity Articles, Research and Literature

A selection of DID related literature and top level resources for discovery of more.

5 minute read
Tags: [DPKI] [Rebooting WoT] [Self Sovereign Identity] [WEF] [ID2020]
Published: 2019-03-11 Updated: 2019-07-11

Bitcoin Identity Standards and Applications

The Bitcoin Reference DID method (did:btcr) supports DIDs on the public Bitcoin blockchain. The Bitcoin Reference method has minimal design goals: a DID trust anchor based on the Bitcoin blockchain, updates publicly visible and auditable via Bitcoin transactions, and optionally, additional DID Do...

4 minute read
Tags: [Bitcoin] [Microsoft] [ION] [BTCR] [XDI]
Published: 2019-03-11 Updated: 2020-01-07

SSI-DID Github Repositories

A start at listing all DID-SSI related GitHub Repositories.

26 minute read
Tags: [ID2020] [Danube] [W3C] [XDI] [OASIS] [Digital Bazaar] [Rebooting WoT] [JSON-LD] [ Credentials Community Group] [RDF] [Veres One] [Learning Machine] [BTCR]
Published: 2019-03-11 Updated: 2019-03-15

The Sovrin Foundation

The Sovrin Foundation is a private-sector, international non-profit that was established to govern the world’s first self-sovereign identity (SSI) network.

3 minute read
Tags: [Indy] [VON]
Published: 2019-03-09 Updated: 2019-07-13

Microsoft Identity

Microsoft believes everyone has the right to own their digital identity, one that securely and privately stores all personal data. This ID must seamlessly integrate into daily life and give complete control over data access and use.

8 minute read
Tags: [Microsoft] [DID] [ION]
Published: 2019-03-08 Updated: 2019-07-11

Indy Github Repositories

“Hyperledger Indy provides tools, libraries, and reusable components for providing digital identities rooted on blockchains or other distributed ledgers so that they are interoperable across administrative domains, applications, and any other silo.”

less than 1 minute read
Tags: [Anoncreds] [Indy] [Ursa] [Aries]
Published: 2019-03-08 Updated: 2019-03-08

Decentralized Identity Foundation - DIF

A key piece of the decentralized identity equation is how people, organizations, and devices can be identified and located without centralized systems of identifiers (e.g. email addresses). DIF members are actively working on protocols and implementations that enable creation, resolution, and dis...

4 minute read
Tags: [DIF]
Published: 2019-03-07 Updated: 2020-01-15

IBM Identity

IBM joined DIF because we believe it will take open community and standards to achieve the vision of self-sovereign identity. For example, members of DIF are focused on the establishment of an open web platform standard within the W3C standards organization called Decentralized Identifier (DID). ...

less than 1 minute read
Tags: [IBM]
Published: 2019-03-06 Updated: 2019-03-06

DID-SSI Organizations

Assorted Humanitarian Organizations

less than 1 minute read
Tags: [Index]
Published: 2019-03-06 Updated: 2019-03-11