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Decentralized Identity and the Public Sector

Modern identity and access management (IAM) came into focus during the late 1930s, when a group of European countries began issuing national ID cards. During this time, creating a more systematic approach for establishing and authenticating the official use of trusted identities emerged.

6 minute read
Tags: [USA] [Canada] [Europe]
Published: 2019-03-01 Updated: 2019-01-11

Microledgers and Edge-Chains - A Primer

Evernym’s Chief Architect Daniel Hardman takes the Hyperledger community through Evernym’s work on Microledgers and Edge-Chains Architecture. Attendees will gain insight into the theory, applications and evolution in Hyperledger Indy along with a practical discussion of their potential.

37 minute read
Tags: [Indy] [Von] [Transcripts] [Hyperledger Global Forum]
Published: 2019-02-27 Updated: 2019-12-11

Verifiable Organizations Network - A Production Government Deployment of Hyperledger Indy

VON’s founding members are governments who are, by law, trusted issuers of data about organizations. The Province of British Columbia, Province of Ontario and the Government of Canada have come together to create the initial services needed to establish VON. VON’s founders have delivered new Indy...

31 minute read
Tags: [Indy] [VON] [Transcripts] [Hyperledger Global Forum]
Published: 2019-01-28 Updated: 2019-07-11

The Evolution of Self Sovereign Identity (Draft Seeking Feedback)

In order to stimulate the discussion, I’ve been going through a infominer33/self-sovereign-identity and organizing some thoughts on SSI since Christopher’s 2016 post. There are a few different ways to approach and describe SSI. What I aim to do is come up with a list of different “SSI Cases” to m...

4 minute read
Tags: [Self Sovereign Identity] [notes]
Published: 2018-12-22 Updated: 2019-07-10

Self Sovereign Identity (SSI)

It would seem that Christopher Allen’s The Path to Self-Sovereign Identity is still the most comprehensive article on the subject of Self Sovereign Identity. It outlines some of the underlying history, and introduces 10 Principles of Self-Sovereign Identity, born from the collective thoughts on i...

4 minute read
Tags: [Self Sovereign Identity] [Laws of Identity]
Published: 2018-12-21 Updated: 2020-01-11

How would self-sovereign identity work for the user?

From A gentle introduction to self-sovereign-identity by @antonylewis. A good example of a basic necessary SSI explainer. You would have an app on a smartphone or computer, some sort of “identity wallet” where identity data would be stored on the hard drive of your device, or with an agent of you...

2 minute read
Tags: [Self Sovereign Identity] [notes]
Published: 2018-12-19 Updated: 2019-07-08

A Comparison Between SSI Principles, and Characteristics

‘No disrespect to Christopher Allen’s opening to the conversation, The Path to Self Sovereign Identity ‐ Christopher Allen 2016‐path‐to‐self‐soverereign‐identity.html It gets a lot right, but leaves a few requirements out, e.g., recoverability and zero...

10 minute read
Tags: [Self Sovereign Identity] [Rebooting WoT] [Laws of Identity] [notes]
Published: 2018-12-18 Updated: 2020-01-05

Hyperledger Indy Resources

Hyperledger Indy provides tools, libraries, and reusable components for providing digital identities rooted on blockchains or other distributed ledgers so that they are interoperable across administrative domains, applications, and any other silo. Indy is interoperable with other blockchains or c...

3 minute read
Tags: [Evernym] [Indy] [Von]
Published: 2018-12-13 Updated: 2019-07-10